Three Reasons to Buy a Tree Floor Lamp

A tree floor lamp is an attractive addition to any home or office. These unique designs are produced by furniture makers such as Maison Jansen, Hans Kogl, and the Sirmos Company. In fact, they have been a part of their lives for decades. And they’re still as popular as ever! Here are three reasons to buy a tree floor lamp today:


The Torchier tree floor lamp is a wonderful choice for ambient or task lighting. This light is crafted from a sturdy column and includes a pair of adjustable sockets at its top. A variety of shades are available, including cut glass with diamond patterns. Each of these lamps comes complete with a base that is 17.5″ in diameter. These lamps are ideal for adding a bit of whimsy to any room.

The traditional design of a torchiere floor lamp makes it easy to distinguish it from similar styles. The lamp’s tall, cylindrical structure and upward-pointing shade makes it easily recognizable. Torchier floor lamps are popular accent lighting options because their bulb directs light upward while also diffusing light in a pleasing manner. Although they don’t provide task lighting, their soft, diffused light can enhance a room’s design.

The name of this type of floor lamp comes from the French word for torch. Before electricity, these lamps were often used to light rooms. The torchiere lamp has a triangular shade that directs light upward. The lamp’s basic design is simple but functional. The general ambient light offered by a torchiere lamp is filtered even more by a white ceiling. Another type of torchiere floor lamp is the tripod, which has three columns rather than one. Its shape and base design make it a slightly modified version of the single column floor lamp.

The Torchier tree floor lamp comes with a patented magnifying lens. The lens can be adjusted to shine light in different directions. One popular type features a mirrored ball that magnifies objects. Its magnifying lens makes it a versatile floor lamp for both home and office settings. It can also be used over a desk, accent chair, or even as a desk. These lamps are a great addition to any room.

Bocci 16

The Bocci 16 tree floor lamp is a stunning example of contemporary design. The brand is based in Berlin and Vancouver and was founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel. The company has always been interested in the lateral relationship between creative direction and craft, and they have continued this philosophy even today. They initially had one lighting design, the ’14,’ which became an instant classic and remains a design staple. Today, the company produces a diverse range of lighting, including chandeliers and other outdoor fixtures.

The Bocci 16 series has a steel frame and branches out from it to hold glass leaves that hold LED light sources. The resulting shades are created by pouring three layers of molten glass on a horizontal plane, each unique. Bocci offers a range of different shades for this stunning lighting fixture. These stunning pieces are perfect for any room in your home or office. The Bocci 16 tree floor lamp is a great way to add a little bit of nature into your living space.

Port O’Call

A tree floor lamp by Port O’Call is a wonderful way to add some tropical flair to any room. Its design is inspired by the tropical foliage of the Pacific Islands. When it was first introduced, the Lamps O’ Call restaurant was located in a Polynesian longhouse surrounded by lush foliage. The restaurant opened in February 1961 and featured a Chinese junk that was partially sunken in the lagoon.

This stylish floor lamp by the Port O’Call company comes in a range of finishes, including an antique bronze finish. The lamp’s shade is a translucent white parchment, giving it a soft diffuse light. The lamp accommodates either a 150-watt incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb. The lamp comes with a three-way switch, but it’s possible to buy six-way versions to create even more light. This feature is particularly useful in large rooms.

A compact marble base makes it easy to fit in a small corner or small space. At 65.5 inches in diameter, this lamp’s minimalist design is perfect for most living rooms. Its three spherical shades are topped with metal caps. The lamp is dimmable and has eco-friendly fixtures. It also requires an energy-efficient light bulb, so you can adjust its brightness level as required.

A mica floor lamp from Port O’Call features a sleek and modern design that blends in well with many different decor styles. The lamp’s aluminum wire hourglass and 11 white glass orbs offer a warm, cozy glow in any room. The light bulb is included in the package, and the shade can be removed or replaced to adjust the brightness. The mica floor lamp also comes with a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness levels as necessary.

Lumalight 3 Light Ambient Floor Lamp

The Lumalight 3 Light Ambient Tree Floor lamp is an attractive and functional light source for your home. The lamp’s three-segment assembly produces an even 100-watt of light. Many consumers have praised the lamp’s clean and modern design. However, some consumers have complained that the all-white finish is prone to stains. Generally, the lamp will be best used as a complementary light source for other lamps.

For a low price, the Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp is a good option. It fills large areas with light and requires more floor space than other picks. The wood base is attractive and the lamp’s shade mimics a genuine linen material. It diffuses a warm glow into the room. Although this lamp consumes a large amount of energy, it is well worth the price.

A tower lamp is a great design accent for a room. These lamps can be Asian-style lanterns or modern sculptural forms. Whatever style you prefer, you will find a tower lamp to match your style. The Lumalight 3 Light Ambient Floor Lamp by Roland Simmons is an excellent example of contemporary design. It uses three 40-watt bulbs and is available in several colors. It is 76″ high and 14″ wide.

Robert Abbey

The Robert Abbey lighting collection combines timeless designs with contemporary elements to make any room look great. From table lamps and wall sconces to furniture and decor, there’s a Robert Abbey light to fit every style and budget. From bold colors and resin to elegant hand blown glass, Robert Abbey has the perfect lighting solution for your home. The collection’s focus on high-quality and design elevates traditional interiors with statement pieces.

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