White Floor Lamps

If you’re looking for a white floor lamp, there are a few different styles to choose from. The Torchier White Floor Lamp is a classic style and is perfect for the living room or bedroom. The slender neck and wide base of the Gallo White Floor Lamp highlight the casted texture of the shade. Its antique white finish makes it easy to pair with any decor. You can purchase several different versions of the lamp to add a personal touch.


A Torchier white floor lamp can be used for two purposes – as a functional light source, or to decorate an area. For either, you need to decide what you need the light for, where you’ll put it, and how much floor space you have. To make sure you’re getting the right size, consider the bulb type and the dimensions. If you plan to use it for both, you need to find a model that fits your needs and your budget.

A torchiere floor lamp is a beautiful accent for any room, and it can be either a focal point or a neutral accent color. White or off-white shades lend a clean, elegant look to your room. And because white tends to look more contemporary than traditional, white floor lamps complement rooms with a high contrast. But the type of shade you choose is up to you! Whether you’re shopping for a modern room or a classic one, a torchiere floor lamp is sure to fit the bill.

When shopping for a Torchier white floor lamp, take a look at its features and design. The main difference between a Torchier white floor lamp and a traditional one is the base material. Some bases are made of metal while others are made of wood or stone. Others are made of ceramic. The overall style of the lamp will depend on the base material, but a solid base is essential for its stylish appearance.


If you are considering buying a Currey and Company Germaine White Floor Lamp, you should take note of the materials used for the base. The base material can be wood, metal, stone, marble, paper, or ceramic. The lamp’s overall style will be affected by these materials. If you plan to use the lamp in a dark or unobtrusive area, choose a model made of a material that will reflect the light well.


The Gallo White Floor Lamp is the perfect lighting solution for a living room or bedroom. It features a slender neck and a wide base in antique white that highlights its casted texture. This versatile light source also comes with a three-way switch that allows you to easily adjust the brightness. This light source can be placed in many different locations, including over accent chairs or even a desk. The light from this lamp is adjustable and will add a unique touch to any room.

A floor lamp consists of a base, a lampshade, and an electrical wire. The lamp is designed to be functional and easy to install. This design provides general ambient lighting that is diffused by a white ceiling. Tripod floor lamps are a little different, featuring a solid base and three columns around a lightbulb. A tripod lamp is similar to a torchiere floor lamp but has three columns.

Port O’Call

The white Port O’Call floor lamp is one of the most popular options for modern lighting in the home. These lamps have a classic design, but are available in a variety of other colors, too. You can choose between basic neutrals or bold, bright colors. Either way, the lamp will blend in with your decor or stand out. A simple white floor lamp can be dressed up with a colorful or patterned shade to match any color scheme.

The Port O’Call Floor Lamp is available in two finishes, antique bronze and pure cast brass. Its white paper shade is translucent and gives off diffused light. The lamp uses a 150-watt incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb, which can be replaced with a low-voltage energy-efficient LED or CFL bulb. The lamp is operated by a three-way switch, but you can also purchase a six-way floor lamp if you need more light. The six-way switch allows you to use both lights at the same time, or separately depending on your preference.

A down bridge floor lamp, on the other hand, directs light downward, making it ideal for task lighting or reading. Because the shade is threaded around the bulb socket, this floor lamp is ideal for directing light to a page or project. A modern floor lamp with a sculptural design is the Frederick Cooper Toyon Brass Bronze Floor Lamp, which features a faux leather shade and complementary fabric.

Tristan Club

A sleek and contemporary design, the Tristan Club White Floor Lamp has a curved white shade that emits a warm glow. Its three sturdy brass legs support the shade and give off a glamorous glow. Whether you want to show off decorative accents or keep your favorite armchair lit at all times, the Tristan Floor Lamp offers many versatile options. It is sure to add a touch of class to any room.

Featuring a teardrop shape with blue dashed lines running across its surface, this lamp can provide dual light or even serve as an end table. It also features an easy to assemble design, making it a great multi-functional accent lamp. Here’s a closer look at the lamp’s features:

This lamp’s polished nickel base features polished nickel spheres. It comes with a crisp white fabric shade, three-way switch, and socket. It holds a 150-watt incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb. The shade is approximately 16 inches across at the top and 17 inches across at the bottom, and is 11 1/2″ tall. This model is a classic club floor lamp with a glass tray shade. There’s no need to buy another one when you can enjoy the same beautiful design without breaking the bank.

Down bridge

A down bridge floor lamp is perfect for illuminating spaces behind or between furniture. The distinctive black down bridge frame dips down to place the shade above the user. The tan shade softens the light and lends a cozy glow to any space. Down bridge floor lamps have a range of decorative features, from a faux leather shade to a brass finish. A down bridge floor lamp is available in several styles and materials, and is a great way to update a room’s decor.

The Downbridge White Floor Lamp is made from a variety of materials including metal and glass. The lamp’s shade is made from a mushroom pleated material. The base is iron, and the bulb has an angled shape. Its three-watt bulb fits into an eight-inch-diameter socket. The lamp’s shade is also composed of two separate shades, one for the base and one for the stem.

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