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You can find a wide selection of tall narrow dressers at affordable prices. You can choose a model based on its Height, Width, and Depth. If you’re looking for a narrow dresser that won’t take up much space, consider the mDesign dresser. It features four drawers and a vertical design that will reduce the amount of clutter in the room. Its top surface is made from durable wood and its bottom is made of breathable, non-woven synthetic fabric that is easy to clean.

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Tall narrow dressers are extremely versatile. They can be placed next to a bed or near a window to double as side tables or nightstands. Many of these pieces have lights so you can watch television or read a book while relaxing in bed. These pieces are easy to maintain and rarely require refinishing. They can even be painted to match any room’s decor. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary design or a classic style, a tall narrow dresser is a great choice.

A tall narrow dresser is similar to a chest of drawers. It has several drawers on one column for maximum storage space. This style of dresser is a good fit for small rooms and can be used with a cabinet or dresser. Colonial Solid Wood 5 Drawer Standard Vertical Chest is one such style. You can also opt for an antique dresser with drawers. It has provisions to hang jackets and rolled ties.

The most common type of tall narrow dresser is open style. They feature built-in storage and are easy to maintain. Besides providing a large amount of storage, they are perfect for children’s rooms. They also allow them to play without waking up anyone else. Tall narrow dressers with open shelves are especially popular for bedrooms because they allow children to play without disturbing their siblings or their parents. So, whether you want to buy an antique dresser or a brand new one, make sure to look for the best quality.

If space is at a premium, you may want to consider a highboy. These tall pieces of furniture can reach six or seven feet. You can also look into an armoire for extra storage space. Armoires are a great option if you have limited space. They are usually 40 inches wide and 17 inches deep and are almost twice as high as a standard dresser. Just keep in mind that tall narrow dressers can take up almost twice as much space.

A dresser can be placed opposite the end of a bed. This creates visual balance. Another option is a dresser beside a window, but make sure it’s not too tall. It can also double as a nightstand, doubling the functionality of the piece. If you don’t need storage space in your bedroom, you can place a smaller dresser next to your bed. If space is limited, consider buying one that has two functions – to store your clothes and a place to put your makeup.


A tall narrow dresser is a great way to add style to a bedroom, while still keeping your clothes organized. Not every bedroom is large enough for a closet, but a tall narrow dresser will take up a fraction of the space. These multifunctional pieces of furniture have plenty of drawers and a low profile, which will blend in perfectly with your decor. The width of a tall dresser can vary from thirty inches to seventy-four inches, depending on its construction.

There is no standard size for a chest of drawers. A 38-inch chest of drawers will fit into most bedrooms, yet is tall enough to have enough storage space. Also, because of its narrow dimensions, it will not buckle over time, unlike a large dresser. There are a lot of options available for tall, narrow dressers, so be sure to research your options before making a purchase.

If you have a narrow bedroom, you might want to choose a tall dresser that extends outward. These dressers are typically longer than a typical single-drawer model, so you’ll have a lot of extra space to put other things on top. If you plan to place a mirror above your dresser, make sure to pick an open wall. Also, make sure the drawers and doors can open without hitting the dresser itself.

Depending on the dimensions of your bedroom, you can choose from three to six drawers. The height and depth of your tall dresser will also determine its depth. A standard dresser is usually between thirty and fifty inches high, and it’s between 18 and twenty-four inches deep. Often, there are matching bedroom suites available for this size. However, if you don’t have a large amount of space, a smaller, shorter dresser might work best.


The depth of a tall, narrow dresser varies from 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 centimeters), with a standard horizontal model featuring three or four drawers. Double-columned horizontal dressers can range from 20 inches to 51 centimeters. A small dresser is typically 18 to 24 inches deep, with deeper drawers custom-made to fit a narrower space.

Dressers, also called chests and bureaus, are multifunctional furniture pieces. They often contain a series of stacked drawers, which store clothing. These multifunctional pieces are also functional enough to display a variety of items. They vary in height, width, and depth. Commonly, they range from 18 inches to 24 inches, and they can have depths of eight to 24 inches. If you’re shopping for a large tall dresser, be sure to consider the height, width, and depth to ensure you’re getting the most use out of the space.


A tall narrow dresser can enhance the look of your bedroom while providing adequate space for storage. Not all bedrooms have enough space for closets, which makes these dressers ideal for small spaces. The materials used in tall narrow dressers are durable and come with a tipover restraint. For added safety, these dressers come with casters. Some of them are even available in mirrors. Price of tall narrow dresser might vary depending on your preferences.

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