Best Colors to Paint a House With a Green Roof

Green roofs are an excellent addition to any home, helping reduce energy costs and increasing its visual appeal.

Selecting the ideal colors to paint a house with a green roof is essential, as they will have an immense effect on its overall aesthetic and feel.

Houses with green shingles often opt for colors like white, cream, grays and shades with red undertones. You should also take into account the colors of your brick, siding, trim and shutters when making final choices.


If your roof is green, selecting the ideal house paint color can make a dramatic difference in how your house appears. Fortunately, there are numerous color options that will look great with green roofs and add value to your property.

White is a popular choice for homes with green roofs as it provides an elegant, classic aesthetic that blends in well with many types of architecture. Additionally, white helps to bring out any brick or stone details on the exterior.

However, be mindful not to pick a paint color that creates an intense contrast with the green; doing so could result in an unattractive look.

You can also combine different shades to achieve an eye-catching aesthetic. For instance, a light green roof could be accented with darker green on your home’s exterior or siding for an emerald-like appearance.

Other colors that complement green roofs include tan and brown. These neutral tones are easy to combine and look great with any type of green roof.

Yellow is another popular color that pairs perfectly with a green roof. Whether you go for an old-world cottage aesthetic or something more modern and contemporary, yellow will help soften the bright hue. To complete the look, add trim to break up the bright color and provide some contrast.

Blue and gray are ideal colors for a green roof as they create an ambiance of serenity, as they reflect sunlight and reduce cooling costs.

If you’re uncertain which color to select for your roof, a professional painting contractor can offer expert advice. They know which hues work best in different climates.

Red is an ideal color to pair with green, providing your house with a cozy and festive ambience that’s sure to make everyone feel at home.

This color can be used to paint your entire exterior or just part of it, such as shutters. Additionally, you could paint the interior of your home in a similar hue to create an integrated aesthetic with the exterior.


Green roofs are an excellent way to add visual interest and reduce energy bills for your home. To make the most of this eco-friendly feature, select the appropriate colors for exterior paint.

The correct color can make your house feel warm and welcoming, as well as increase its value and attract potential buyers. No matter if you favor a modern or classic aesthetic, there are plenty of shades to choose from.

Yellow is a timeless choice for houses with green roofs, creating an inviting cottage aesthetic. To further soften the bright hue, use light-colored trim and shutters to break up the bright hue.

Grey is another neutral that can be paired with a green roof. While not as classic as white, grays create an ultramodern minimalist aesthetic that will set your house apart from others in its neighborhood.

Smoky shades of gray can give your house with green roof a distinct personality, while adding an undertone that complements the lushness of its color. Brook Green is an energetic shade of gray that may appear lilac in certain lighting, while Elephant’s Breath is a mid-toned gray with subtle tinting for an understated sophistication.

Darker shades of beige can also work well with a green roof. These colors pair beautifully with earth tones like sage and olive green, complementing the natural green hues present on the roof.

Taupe is another neutral that pairs perfectly with a green roof and other earth tones or white for a more modern aesthetic. This combination looks especially stunning when used in combination with stucco home, adding visual interest and beauty to the house.

Cedar shake siding is another ideal choice for green roofs. This type of siding starts out a bit red but eventually turns to a whitish-grey hue due to age and weathering. Its texture and hue look stunning alongside green roofs, and it looks even better with stained wood trim or door accents.


Brown is an earthy color that pairs beautifully with green roofs. It can be used on a range of homes, from modern to farmhouse, and looks especially great when combined with white siding.

Another popular choice for houses with green roofs is gray. This cool color can be combined with different shades of green to create a monochromatic palette, perfect for anyone seeking modern yet cozy looks.

This paint color is especially popular on cedar shake homes, which look stunning with green shingles. It also works well for those who have brick exteriors since it will blend in with the masonry and not stand out too much on your house’s exterior.

Brown is a popular tone for both interior trim and shutters of homes, as it resembles stained wood and makes the green roof stand out the most.

You can choose either dark green or light green for your home’s trim and shutters, but be sure that they complement the colors of the green roof of your house. Doing this will allow your exterior to reflect the surrounding environment more naturally and make it more appealing.

If you’re uncertain which color to paint your house with a green roof, the first step is research your options and see which works best for your residence. Factors such as your home’s architecture and any rules/regulations of your homeowners association must all be taken into account when making this decision.

When selecting colors for your house, style is another important factor to consider. Traditional houses look best with classic hues while modern houses can accommodate more daring combinations.

If your roof is metal, there are plenty of exterior home paint colors that will complement it. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal shades for both your metal roof and house.


Selecting the ideal color to paint a house with green roof is essential in creating an eye-catching exterior. There are many shades you can select from to achieve this unique and stunning appearance, but it’s essential that you select the correct one.

If you’re searching for a neutral hue that will blend in with your surroundings, gray is an excellent option. It evokes feelings of nature and serenity – ideal for homes featuring green roofs.

Light grays such as Pewter Gray make great choices when combined with a vibrant green roof, muting its brightness while still allowing it to stand out enough that people will take notice of it.

Another option is a gray with subtle red undertones. In certain lights, this hue appears more purple, making your house stand out more from its surroundings and complementing its green roof.

You can choose to paint your house a brown color with a green roof. A dark brown will add visual interest, while light brown gives off an inviting atmosphere.

Yellow is another popular color choice for houses with green roofs. This hue works particularly well in cottage-style residences and blends well with most landscapes.

However, a bright shade of yellow can be overwhelming; thus, opt for a soft or pale shade. Furthermore, pairing this hue with darker shutters and trim will add visual interest.

Color wheels can help you decide the ideal combination for your green roof. On the wheel, you’ll see how different siding and landscaping colors will look together.

The color wheel can also help you determine which colors complement one another, so your green roof will look its best with your chosen paint color. Once you’ve found a combination that works for your house, it’s time to get painting!

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