What is Cricut Infusible Ink?

If you’re looking to personalise t-shirts, mugs, and more, you can use pre-inked heat transfer sheets. These sheets work with your Cricut cutting machine to transfer custom artwork onto compatible Infusible Ink blanks. Once transferred, these pre-inked sheets bloom into vibrant hues. The best part? You can use any of these materials to create unique and personalised gifts and items.

Transfer sheet

If you have a Cricut Maker or Explore trimmer, you can personalize Infusion Ink discs with your name, logo, or favorite quote. Then, all you need to do is print it. Infusion Ink transfer sheets are ideal for personalizing all kinds of projects. Here are some examples. These personalized discs make great gifts for friends, family members, and coworkers. You can use the infusible discs with your Maker or Explore to add a personal touch to a gift.

First, prepare your cutting mat. Place the design face down on the cutting mat. Make sure the colorful side is facing down, and the clear liner is on the top. Then, place the Infusible Ink sheet over the design. Make sure that the transfer sheet covers the entire design, or you will have lines on your finished product. Also, remember to clean your hands, as you will be removing excess transfer sheet from your project.

If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can still use the Infusible Ink sheets. For the most part, it’s easy to use. Choose a compatible blank, draw on it using a marker or pen, and apply heat to fuse the ink to your project. Then, you’ll be ready to transfer your design. Just remember, though, that you can’t do it if your design is too complex.

Infusible Ink transfer sheets are excellent for making coasters. Moreover, they come in many colors, including black and brown. After the ink dries, the fabric will take on a black color. Using a lint-free fabric swatch as a guide, you can choose the color that best suits your project. If you’re using the Infusible Ink, you can also apply the transfer sheet to fabric.


The Infusible Ink Marker is a medium-point marker for the Cricut smart cutting machine. When used with the cutting machine and plain laser copy paper, these ink markers produce permanent transfers. These inks will bloom into rich hues when transferred to the surface. Use the Infusible Ink Marker to create unique gifts and artwork. Here are some examples of how you can use this ink marker.

The ink has a specific order when applied to the surface of a material. This includes cardstock or paper for the back of a shirt. The printer uses a special type of paper for ink, called Laser Copy Paper. This paper is coated to prevent ink bleeding and is resistant to laser printer heat. You should read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions on the label. This method is similar to using iron-on vinyl, but with a permanent ink that does not wear off after repeated washing.

The Infusible Ink Marker is available in medium and fine points. The medium point marker is useful for drawing intricate designs on plain laser copy paper. The ink comes in several bright colors and gray. The gray and black Infusible Ink blanks are compatible with the ink marker. If you want to use the medium point ink, you can buy a Gray ink blank. However, this color option is not recommended for projects that require a brightly colored design.

When using the infusible ink, it is important to remember that lint can ruin your project if you do not follow the instructions. Using a protective cardstock will ensure that the ink does not bleed through your paper. You should also prepare your EasyPress for infusible ink before applying it to your project. Refer to the Cricut EasyPress guide for the appropriate temperatures.


The Infusible Ink Marker creates a permanent transfer from one medium point marker to another. These medium-point markers work with compatible Infusible Ink blanks and can be used for freehand drawing or to create intricate designs. They are compatible with the Cricut smart cutting machine and bloom into rich hues when transferred. They’re the perfect tool to add color and dimension to your designs.

To use the Infusible Ink Pen, select a design in the Cricut Design Space. Make sure the Design Space window is mirrored. Then, select a Light Grip mat instead of a standard one. The light-weight paper can be easily ripped if used with a Standard Grip mat. After making sure the mat is properly sized, cut the design out. Once the design is cut, place it into the upper section of the mat. The Cricut Joy will automatically pull it in.

The Cricut Infusible Ink Pen is perfect for intricate designs. Unlike adhesive-applied designs, this ink pen will not flake, crack, or peel, making it easy to apply and remove. You can even write on plain laser copy paper with the Infusible Ink Pen. In addition to its vibrant colour, you can easily transfer it to any blank using the EasyPress. The Infusible Ink heat transfers the design onto the base blank. This will result in a permanent design that won’t peel off or peel.

The ink pen works by mirroring handwriting. It will also mirror your designs so that you can create a more realistic look. When you use the infusible ink pen, make sure to follow the directions on the heat guide. The Heat Guide will tell you when to tape down the designs. Then, place the blanks face up or down. You can use a heat-resistant pen for this purpose, but it’s not recommended for beginners.

Butcher paper

To use Cricut infusible ink for your butcher paper projects, you should follow the instructions in the heat guide. The heat guide will give you a list of recommended heat settings and the necessary time for cooling the blank item. You should also make sure that the blank is fully cooled before placing the Infusible Ink sheet. Otherwise, the ink may transfer accidentally. For optimum results, use the recommended heat guide to ensure that your butcher paper project comes out looking great.

Before applying the heat to your project, place the EasyPress mat on a flat surface and place your blank project on top. Next, place a sheet of white cardstock inside the project to protect it from bleed-through ink. Then, use a lint roller to clean the surface of the project. Otherwise, tiny fibers will interfere with the ink transfer. Before placing the butcher paper over the design, ensure that it is larger than the heat plate.

When cutting with Cricut Infusible ink for butcher paper, it’s best to choose a paper with high heat resistance. Butcher paper is a great choice because it’s resistant to high heat and can be used for oven baking. Butcher paper, on the other hand, will burn quickly once heated above 420 degrees. You can use parchment paper instead, if you wish to use it in a baking oven.

To use Cricut Infusible ink for butcher paper, make sure that you load the cutting mat with the ink side down. After loading the mat, position the sheet on the machine and press the Go button. Once the cutting is complete, you can remove the inked sheet and place it on a tote bag. Then, you can reuse the ink sheet from the previous project.

Sublimation blank

Infusible Ink blanks are compatible with the Cricut machine. The benefits of these blanks are obvious: they are permanent, have no seams or edges, and provide superior results. The heat transfer is one with the material, making it impossible to separate it from the design. This method is particularly useful when you want a design that looks like it was handcrafted. It is also suitable for use with many other cutting machines, including Silhouette and CraftCutter.

One way to make the most out of Infusible Ink for Sublimation Blanks is to create personalized keychains. These are highly attractive and can be personalized to fit any occasion. The process of cutting and weeding decals is tedious and often results in unattractive marks on the finished product. Using Infusible Ink, you can quickly create keychains that are personalized with a family name or favorite saying.

When using sublimation, you’ll also need a heat press, such as a Cricut EasyPress. However, not all sublimation blanks are heat press friendly, and you may need a special mug press or phone case to use it. Cricut infusible ink sheets can solve this problem, allowing you to design your own personalized products without wasting money on an expensive printer.

If you’re not sure which type of sublimation blank you need, you can try using iron-on vinyl instead. Infusible ink can be used on both white and light colored items. But if you’re looking for an athletic apparel blank, Cricut may not have the one you’re looking for. Nevertheless, it’s still a great option. You can use it on athletic apparel and other items that are prone to moisture.

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