How to Use Cricut Transfer Tape

If you’re trying to cut vinyl with your Cricut machine, you may be wondering how to use Cricut transfer tape. Luckily, it’s easy! Here are a few helpful tips. Clear plastic application tapes are the best choice, as they’re easy to apply and remove, have a strong grip, and are reusable. Read on to learn how to use Cricut transfer tape and get the most out of your vinyl cutter!

Clear plastic application tape

The Cricut Explore and the Silhouette Cameo are both compatible with the clear plastic application tape. The tapes are easy to apply and remove. When transferring a design to a vinyl sheet, you must first prepare the vinyl. It should be slightly larger than the design to be transferred, with the adhesive side down. When applying the vinyl to a large project, you should glue the corner of the backing paper to the vinyl to prevent bubbles.

For cutting projects requiring medium-to-high adhesion, use the Medium Tact tape. This tape comes with a 1/2-inch measuring grid and is great for medium-sized projects. It is also compatible with all Cricut cutting machines. If you’re not quite ready to spend as much money on transfer tape, try the YRYM HT. It’s a much cheaper alternative and works equally well.

Another handy tool for transferring vinyl is clear plastic application tape. These sheets of plastic can be applied to many surfaces and are made in the United States. They’re easy to use and come in a handy roll form. It’s easy to cut and can be applied to most surfaces. And the transparent plastic makes it easy to remove once the project is complete. This type of tape also sticks well to ceramics, glass, and plastic.

Strong grip

Cricut Glitter Vinyl is one of the heavier vinyl types and is recommended for heavy projects like media covers, labels, and decor. It has a strong grip on vinyl and works with all Cricut cutting machines. It can be used to transfer a design directly to a project. It has a strong grip and adheres well to most surfaces, including metal. Unlike other vinyl types, it can be cut through all Cricut cutting machines, including the Mini and Expression.

Cricut Strong Transfer Tape is made to make transferring vinyl cuts simple and stress-free. It holds up while material is being transferred, and it offers a clean release after fixing the material. It is available in a 12 x 48 inch sheet. The light-printed grid on the tape helps you to visualize your vinyl cut and help you align your projects correctly. The light-colored tape also helps you to see how well the transfer tape is adhering the vinyl.

Besides being designed for vinyl projects, this Provo Craft-Vinyl Strong Grip Transfer Tape is also compatible with the Cricut cutting machines. It is 12 x 48 inches in size and is made to be used for heavier vinyl, such as Cricut Glitter Vinyl. The adhesive is strong enough to hold even the most intricate designs. The packaging of this tape is also environmentally friendly, as Officeworks plants two trees for every one used.

Clean release

If you’ve ever wondered if you should buy StrongGrip or Clean release Cricut transfer tape, the answer is a resounding “no!” The former is a more affordable option and works just as well. Both types of tapes work on different kinds of vinyl, and they both work perfectly. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that StrongGrip works best with textured metallic vinyl.

You can also use regular tape to transfer images from one machine to another. It’s medium-tack, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. The latter comes in handy if you’re doing a lot of multi-colored designs. You can use one sheet of this tape on multiple surfaces, such as a couch cushion, a sweater, or a canvas. Afterwards, simply peel off the excess tape.

You can also purchase a roll of Siser’s transfer tape. It comes with a 1-inch square grid pattern that allows you to easily align your design. This tape works with tons of different cutting machines, including Cricut and Brother ScanNCut. It is slightly more expensive, but it is also larger than other tapes. And the best thing about it? It’s great for both smooth and rough surfaces.

Craftopia is a great company that offers a variety of crafting gear. They even have a money-back guarantee for their products. And their transfer tape is the best on the market, so don’t wait to buy it! You’ll be creating a masterpiece in no time! It won’t hurt to try them out! You’ll be glad you did! There’s no reason to be without a Cricut transfer tape!


If you’re a frequent user of your Cricut machine, you’ve probably used transfer tape before. Without it, transferring vinyl from its backing to a new place would be tricky, especially if you’re working with intricate designs. Transfer tape is a sticky paper or vinyl-like material that helps you transfer your design to a new surface. After using it for a few times, you can peel it off and save a small piece of it for future use.

Transfer tape is a versatile product that is reusable, and the best part is that it’s affordable. While there are several reusable transfer tape options on the market, many people prefer the clear, paper-based type. Not only is it reusable, but it’s also much easier to cut down to size. You can find reusable transfer tape in several sizes and even a 20-sheet pack. For large projects, you can start with sticking a corner of the backing paper onto the vinyl.

If you’re concerned about how sticky transfer tape is, consider a less expensive brand. Cricut and Silhouette offer reusable transfer tape, but some cheaper brands aren’t as sticky. That can make removing your decal difficult if it’s stuck too hard. You can also purchase plastic transfer tape, which is flexible and clear. This tape also comes with a money-back guarantee. So you can feel confident knowing that you’ll get the right product for your needs.

Application on a clean and dry surface

To apply Transfer Tape to a clean and dry surface, begin by placing the adhesive side of the tape down on the surface. Using the Cricut Basic Tool Set, a scraper, craft stick, and the Cricut Transfer Tape, apply the transfer tape to the design in the center of the design, working outward toward the edges. Use a scraper or a craft stick to help guide the transfer tape to a clean and dry surface.

Before transferring your vinyl design, it is a good idea to wipe the surface clean with rubbing alcohol. The Cricut transfer tape comes with a clear film with a grid on it to guide you. While this type of transfer tape is best for smooth vinyl, it is not appropriate for textured vinyl. The StrongGrip Transfer Tape is a stronger option for textured metallic vinyl.

After preparing the surface with cleaning solution, you can start the application of the Cricut transfer tape. The tape comes in different sizes, so you can cut the design on it according to your needs. Generally, it comes in packs of 20 sheets. If you use the LLPT tape, you’ll have to remove it by pulling it gently off the surface. To remove it, you’ll need a scraper or rubbing alcohol.


You can use paper transfer tape instead of the cricut transfer tape if you want. These tapes are cheaper than painters tape and stick better to most surfaces. You can use clear contact paper instead of painters tape. If you want to make a design that is permanent, you can use a special adhesive tape to adhere the vinyl to the box. These tapes can be applied anywhere on the box. However, there are some drawbacks to them.

Transfer tape is expensive and not available everywhere. It can also be difficult to find, so you may want to look for alternative options. Clear contact paper, such as Avery, can be used as a transfer paper. But it is not transparent. It will leave a heavy residue behind after it’s removed. A better alternative is to use a Cricut foil transfer tool. These tapes have a better adhesive.

Some people use the adhesive paper to adhere vinyl graphics. This type of tape is also available in single rolls and wholesale. It’s not quite as strong as the Cricut transfer tape, but you can still use it for your vinyl projects. And remember that you can get textured and sublimated material as well. If you don’t want to spend the money on a special adhesive tape, you can get them anywhere.

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