Upstreman Adjustable Thermostat Refrigerator Black FR17

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Upstreman 1.7 Cu.ft Mini Fridge With Freezer, Adjustable Thermostat, Energy Saving, Low Noise, Single Door Compact Refrigerator For Dorm, Office, Bedroom, Black-fr17

A top recommended item, Upstreman Adjustable Thermostat Refrigerator Black FR17, is produced by Upstreman. It is saved under the category Appliances > Refrigerators.

Upstreman Adjustable Thermostat Refrigerator Black FR17

Previous page upstreman specializes in home appliances that make your life easier. Combining thoughtful engineering with reliable quality, we bring you the appliances integrated into your homes, dedicate high efficiency and genuine pragmatism to your daily work. We swim upstream with the ordinary, aiming to provide you with top products and peak experience. Chill your life visit the store br321 bd321 sd321 br401 2x faster cooldown visit the store cool it down and chill you up visit the store uak-06c get your life up visit the store c1 c1 br321 – white fr17 your portable laundry helper visit the store upstreman skincare fridge n1 next page

Upstreman Adjustable Thermostat Refrigerator Black FR17 Features

  • Compact & convenient: given a dimension of 18. 9 17. 7 19. 3 (W d h), this mini fridge can fit it anywhere you need. Whether it s the on the counter or under the desk, it requires little space yet offers plenty of storage room, perfect for apartment, dorm, office, bedroom and rv. The reversible door provides great flexibility when used in a limited space.
  • Adjustable temperatures & freezer: ranges from 33. 8 F to 46. 4 F (1 c to 8 c), the fridge offers 5 variable temperature settings per your need. Includes a compact freezer that allow you to make ice cubes, keep your food fresh and drinks chilled.
  • 38Db quiet: operates at a low noise of 38 db, this fridge brings the peace and refreshing cold at the same time. It s so quiet that you can hear the ice cubes melting in the glass! Free of any disturbance while it s keeping all your food nice and fresh, ideal for environment like bedroom, office and study.
  • Energy-efficient & eco friendly: the estimated daily cost is as low as 0. 5 Kwh per day, use the least energy to get the job done. The refrigerant r600a contributes no ozone depletion potential and a lower global warming potential compared to earlier refrigerants. Spend less on the bills, care more about the planet.

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Upstreman Adjustable Thermostat Refrigerator Black FR17

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