Portable Dishwashers Ultrasonic Suitable Apartment

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A top ranked item, Portable Dishwashers Ultrasonic Suitable Apartment, is manufactured by Danisse. It is posted in our category Appliances > Portable Washers.

Portable Dishwashers Ultrasonic Suitable Apartment

Please install the suction cup on the side of the sink or bucket

Portable Dishwashers Ultrasonic Suitable Apartment Features

  • Wide range of use :portable mini washing machine has a mini body with a diameter of 9 cm and a weight of 310 g. It is easy to carry and easy to store for travel, business trips, kitchen sink, cleaning small items, removing stains with ultrasonic waves and freeing your hands.
  • Water-saving ultrasonic cleaning :using high-frequency vibration cavitation to accelerate the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains, saving one-third of water, with suction cups at the bottom to fix on the wall of the bucket.
  • Usb powered energy saving :usb portable mini washing machine allows you to use it anytime and anywhere.
  • How to use :fix the portable mini washing machine, connect the power, put in your clothes and detergent, add water. It won’t hurt your clothes. The whole process lasts 30 minutes. It will shut down automatically after 15 minutes. Please restart it within one minute and you can continue to use it.

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Portable Dishwashers Ultrasonic Suitable Apartment

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