How to Choose and Care For Double Bathroom Mirrors

When you are looking to decorate your bathroom, you may have a couple of questions that need to be answered. For example, you might want a mirror that runs the length of the sink basin or vanity. Make sure to measure the wall and sink area to ensure that the mirror will sit properly. You should also determine the wall height and choose accordingly. And you can’t forget about gilding! If you want to add an antique or modern touch to your bathroom, consider a framed mirror with gilding.

Framed or frameless

Framed or frameless double bathroom mirrors are both attractive and functional. Before buying a mirror, you must determine its weight. Use a bathroom scale to find out. Moreover, most of the hanging hardware of the mirror has an indication of its weight. Mark the center of the top edge of the mirror and then attach mounting hooks or rings, if necessary. Framed mirrors can also be hung by nails or screws.

Other materials used in making these bathroom mirrors are aluminum, bronze, copper, acrylic, and stone. Choose one that matches the color of your existing bathroom and complements your overall design. While a bronze-framed mirror does not reflect much light, it does not rust easily in damp environments. Another option is wood-framed mirrors. They can create classic, modern, and rustic looks. They also add warmth to cold surfaces.

Choose between a frameless and a framed bathroom mirror. Both are beautiful, but the former is pricier. Framed mirrors can be customized with a wide range of designs, and are ideal for traditional, contemporary, and modern bathrooms. Regardless of their cost, both types can complement any design style. However, framed mirrors take up more space. This makes them more expensive than their frameless counterparts.


The dimensions of your vanity should be known before purchasing a new mirror. This will determine the appropriate height for the lights and the size of the mirror itself. In general, the mirror should be at eye level and 57″-60″ from the floor. The height of the sink and the mirror should be centered together, so that the light reflects evenly across the entire room. The distance between the mirror and the sink should also be taken into account.

There are many styles and shapes of bathroom mirrors. You can also have a mirror custom-made according to your preference. For instance, a minimalist or modern home may prefer sleek, minimal mirrors with screens and built-in lights. Depending on the size and style of your bathroom, you may choose a framed or unframed mirror. The style you choose will be reflected in the mirror’s size.

Some designs may include integrated led lighting, pendant lights, or both. Whichever style you choose, consider the lighting arrangement, too. A tall, narrow mirror may accommodate a sconce on either side, while a wide, rectangular mirror can have a sconce above the mirror. Pendant lights vary in size, so consider the height of the mirror before choosing a style. However, be aware that a bathroom mirror is a significant functional piece of equipment in a bathroom.


If you’re interested in enhancing your bathroom design with geometric patterns, consider adding a geometric double bathroom mirror. These mirrors feature two contrasting shapes – a flat, plane mirror and a spherical mirror. Both spheres and planes reflect slightly modified images. This is a trend you can easily incorporate into your bathroom design. Here’s a look at the various types of geometric mirrors available for purchase.

Amazon Basics Mirror: This model features a stylish, yet affordable frame that matches the theme and color of your bathroom. It’s available in five different colors and three different sizes. Each mirror features a standard or peaked frame, and includes metal mounting brackets that are pre-set for either horizontal or vertical installation. These mirrors are not made of glass. You can easily change the colors of the frames to match your decor.

Geometric Framed Mirrors: This type of mirror has a 5″ wide frame that can add a decorative accent. You can opt for a mirror with a matte black finish or brush chrome. The rim of the frame creates a shadow box effect, making the mirror stand out in any room. Alternatively, choose a framed mirror with a simple, minimalist frame. This style looks great in both horizontal and vertical settings.

Framed with gilding

Although gilded bathroom mirrors can be beautiful, they also have a special care and maintenance routine that must be followed. Unlike regular mirrors, gilded frames are considered works of art. Following the care instructions below will ensure the frame’s value and beauty for many years to come. Once you’ve purchased your new gilded bathroom mirror, you can start thinking about how to care for it.

A frame with gilding is a classic style that is timeless. The narrow minimalist design of a framed mirror is hand-gilded by artisans who used similar techniques and materials hundreds of years ago. A warm gold leaf finish will add a touch of elegance and class to any room. A Framed Mirror with gilding includes a Gallery Quality Hand-Finished Wooden Frame and a Distortion Free 1″ Beveled Mirror. It arrives pre-installed and ready to hang.

Gold has long been associated with wealth and respect. Because of its appearance, many people admire gold items. Gilding allows for a more affordable alternative to solid gold. Solid gold is highly expensive and a large mirror can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, you can save a lot of money by opting for a framed mirror with gilding. In addition, you’ll also be able to save money by choosing a mirror that is designed with your budget in mind.


When designing your double bathroom, the mirror size will be dictated by the number of sinks you have. A double vanity, for example, should have two 30-inch sinks. You should aim to select mirrors that are about two inches smaller than the width of each sink. If your bathroom only has one sink, you may opt to have one large mirror instead. In this case, the size of the mirror should be at least two inches smaller than the vanity itself.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You can even have them custom-made. Depending on your bathroom’s design, you may want to opt for a sleek, minimalist mirror. Some may also choose mirrors with screens or built-in lights. Decide if you want a framed or a frameless mirror. There are many factors to consider. Make sure you measure the mirror’s dimensions. Then, consider how long they will take to hang.

Before purchasing a double bathroom mirror, consider where you’ll place it. In general, it should be centered above the sink. It should not extend past the vanity, as this will interfere with the lighting. If the mirror is over the sink, it won’t reflect the light from the window. Make sure the mirror is large enough to fit on the vanity, and don’t forget to get a quality one if you’re planning on putting it in a crowded room.


If you’re installing a new double bathroom mirror, you’ll need to know where to put it. Ideally, you should place it over the basin, but it’s important to remember that not all bathrooms are the same. If your bathroom is small, it might be difficult to place a mirror over the sink. You can compromise by hanging one at the end of the bathroom. In either case, make sure it’s located at eye level. This way, the light that’s reflected on it will be a lot more pleasing.

Place the bathroom mirror in an area where there is natural light. It should reflect light, which brightens up the room. It should also be easily accessible. Place it at eye level, so that it’s not too high and doesn’t crowd the room. You can also place it on one side of a double sink, but be sure that the mirror isn’t so high that it obscures other features. Choosing a mirror that’s too large or too short will only make the space look crowded and unappealing.

You can also add a sconce above the mirror. The placement of a sconce is very subjective, but most designers start by hanging the lights 60 inches off the floor. The sconces on either side of the mirror are usually placed 36-38 inches apart. Make sure the sconces are at eye level so that the shadows are even. You’ll need to adjust the height of the mirror and the height of the users.

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