GOAUS Disposable Unbleached Non stick Oil proof

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Goaus Air Fryer 100 Pcs Square Paper Liners Disposable Large For 5 To 8 Qt Basket, 7.9 Inch Unbleached Non-stick Oil-proof Parchment Paper

A highly recommended item, GOAUS Disposable Unbleached Non stick Oil proof, is produced by GOAUS. It is labeld under our category Bakeware > Parchment.

GOAUS Disposable Unbleached Non stick Oil proof

Previous page paper liner is always a good helper for air fryer cleanup, and made from natural wood pulp, so cook with attention and avoid catching fire: never preheat the air fryer with a paper liner inside because the fan would just blow up the empty paper into the heating element;never put too little food as it’s not heavy enough to hold the paper down from flying around and burning;don’t expose the paper to an opening flame. Comes in all shapes and sizes visit the store make cleanup super easy! Help address the cleaning issues. Definitely a game changer for air fryers! What requires attention during use of paper liner fire hazards. Leave that paper liner off your air fryer while preheating; make sure food is heavy enough to hold the paper down from flying around and burning. How to choose the paper liner size check out your air fryer user manual and find out how large inside basket is (capacity of basket). Then pick out the right shape and size of paper. Is the disposable paper liner food grade yes, absolutely. Goaus disposable paper liner is made from natural wood pulp and oven safe. Besides, it is nonstick, oil-proof and waterproof. Next page

GOAUS Disposable Unbleached Non stick Oil proof Features

  • Cleanup is a breeze tired of cleanup after baking and roasting it s never too late to settle a goaus disposable paper liner inside your air fryer basket. Once you re done cooking simply toss the liner away, and pop in another liner and continue cooking without cleanup between different foods.
  • Eco-friendly and oven safe food-grade premium material and excellent craftsmanship by goaus make paper liners waterproof and greaseproof and catch crumbs and grease. With heat resistance up to 428 , no effect on food tastes itself and no sticky mess. Things you cooked still turn out crispy!
  • For 5 to 8 qt square baskets find out correct capacity of air fryer. Goaus parchment paper of 7. 9-Inch bottom diameter is intended for square air fryers whose basket capacity is between 5 and 8 quarts. Moreover, the disposable paper even fits microwaves, ovens, steamer, cookers, roasters, etc.
  • Avoid burning read the instructions first before use. Do not place cooking paper without food during preheating. Hot air blowing the lightweight paper onto the heating duct will easily cause the paper to burn. Thus, place paper on bottom and weigh down with enough food.

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GOAUS Disposable Unbleached Non stick Oil proof

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