Dresser Bookshelf Combo

To turn a plain old dresser into a dresser-bookshelf combo, just add a few shelves. A few shelves on either side of the dresser will transform the unit into a functional and attractive space for storage. You can even choose a tree-shaped shelf for your kids’ room. Or, you can use an old wagon to house their collection of children’s books. Wire baskets are simple but durable and you can use fabric to make cute book storage.

Isabella Dresser Hutch

An Isabella Dresser Hutch is a great way to extend your dresser. Available in Distressed Linen and Distressed Gray, this piece features two small drawers and a few open compartments. Its height is 44 inches, and adds an additional 41 inches to your dresser. You can also buy these pieces as part of a bed, such as a Bookcase Bed that incorporates bookshelves into the headboard. Study Lofts and Bookcase Beds also often feature a bookshelf combination.

The Isabella Dresser Hutch and Bookshelf Combo features a formal, grand style, and elaborate wood detailing. The dresser has carved feet, matching curved paneling, and square finials. Its drawers have English dovetail construction and are felt lined for dust-proofing. This set also has two adjustable shelves, making it great for storing additional books.

Kelly Media Dresser and Desk

This multifunctional piece is a great addition to your living room. Its off-white woodgrain finish and gold hardware add to its appeal. It includes a TV Stand, three drawers, and a desk. In addition, it features a computer desk that you can use to work or play games. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or the other. For example, you can use the desk as a study table. The dresser serves as a media storage area.

The TV Stand is sturdy enough to support a 40-pound TV, and includes a convenient open cubby below it. It also features wire cutouts for your cable box and gaming system. Three spacious drawers in the Dresser can hold folded clothing or a blanket. The durable metal slides keep your clothes organized. The desk has a convenient wireless charging spot. If you want to work on the computer, you can place your laptop on its adjustable shelf.

In addition to a beautiful design, this multifunctional dresser and desk is a functional piece of furniture. Combined with a modern or classic style, it can double as a desk and TV stand. It is GREENGUARD Gold certified, making it eco-friendly. In addition to a beautiful piece of furniture, it is also highly durable and built to last. The Hampton 4 Drawer Combo Dresser comes with plenty of storage options. It also functions as a TV stand for small televisions. In addition to a desk and drawers, it also includes a TV cabinet and a shelf for a flatscreen television.

Between the Dresser and Desk

If you’re looking for a multifunctional piece of furniture that can double as a desk, you may want to look into a Between the Dresser and Desk Bookshelf Combo. These pieces of furniture can serve a variety of purposes, from a place to store books to a space for a computer and keyboard. You can even use them as a television stand if you want to!

Buying a desk and bookshelf combination is no easy task. You want to make sure that the piece you buy is made of quality materials, fits in the location you want it to go, has adequate leg room, and provides all the storage space that you need. In some cases, the piece may have more storage than you need, but that’s the point! Choosing a desk and bookshelf combo can be an excellent way to update a room.

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