Decorating With a Royal Blue Living Room

Whether you are looking for a more traditional look or something more modern, a royal blue living room is a great choice. It can be a calming shade of blue with gray undertones, but you can accent it with other vibrant colors like coral lounge chairs, navy sofas, and black bookcases. Katie’s royal blue living room embraces an eccentric design. Tropical wallpaper creates an eye-catching backdrop for her shelves, while bright blue furniture makes a bold statement on its own.


Decorating with royal blue in your living room is a great way to add a vibrant touch of colour to your living space. The colour is one of the most popular accent colors and pairs well with neutrals. Dulux has named royal blue as its colour of the year for 2022 and Bright Skies as the colour of the year for 2023. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas.

It’s a shade of blue that’s in between royal and indigo, and it’s great for both modern and traditional styles. You can use this color in large doses in your living room, or in smaller, more subtle amounts as decorative accents. Royal blue is also easy to mix and match, making it a versatile choice. It also brings together rooms in a single space. The colors found in nature are among the most livable.

A royal blue living room can be a striking color and pairs well with almost any other color. It complements most design styles and goes well with neutral backgrounds. Consult an interior designer to choose a royal blue color scheme. Then, choose other accents to balance the color. If you’re unsure of what to do with the royal blue sectional, try pairing it with a deep taupe wall, brown accents, and a dose of plant life.


If you’re looking for a calming blue living room, royal blue is a great option. The shade is a lighter version of navy blue and is closer to Greek blue than to steel blue. Other names for royal blue include Mediterranean blue, Cobalt, and Lapis. The lightest blues have a calm, soothing effect, while darker shades evoke the sky in the dark. For these reasons, royal blue is one of the most popular color schemes for living rooms.

This room has an elegant and calming feel. The walls are light blue and blend well with the neutral color scheme and natural wood furnishings. The large windows in this room bring in ample natural light, while the wooden ceiling adds a warm and cozy vibe. In addition, a small ornamental bicycle adds a fun touch. It’s a perfect choice for a living room! This is a great color scheme to enliven your space.


For a dramatic royal blue living room, use accent pieces in the same hue. For example, a large damask print on the living room wall gives it a regal feel. The pattern is repeated on the furnishings, including a large mirror and mother-of-pearl lamps. If you prefer a calmer look, use accent pieces in a different color combination, such as an ivory rug and a dark blue accent wall.

To create a sophisticated blue living room, use layers of shades of blue. A wall-to-wall rug in pale blue will add interest, as will a statement armchair. Then, layer your blue pieces with white furniture, which will help keep the colour pure and undiluted. You can also use white tones on other surfaces, like furniture and fabrics. Adding a pop of color will add sophistication and warmth to the living room.

If you have a large living room, go for a darker shade of blue. This color will suck life out of a small room, but it can still look striking if you mix it with pops of pink and other colors. In addition, a darker shade can overpower a smaller room, so you may want to limit it to one wall, such as a wainscoting or a bookcase. A bright blue is also a good choice if you want a warm and eclectic feel. Accent pieces in vibrant colors are a great way to tie together different color themes and create a striking, eclectic space.

Adding a splash of royal blue to a room is easy and affordable. Royal blue can also be used in bathroom tiles and cabinets. The color combination looks striking on a white ceiling, so it’s not only an accent wall, but also a feature wall. In a living room, the color can be paired with white furniture and brass accents to create a cohesive color scheme. If you want to add a pop of color to the living room, consider adding accent items made of blue, such as a beautiful vase of blue flowers.


With its soothing ambiance, a living room with a royal blue paint scheme is a great choice for any home. Its light blue walls and white accents create a warm and uplifting space, and they blend nicely with neutrals and natural woods. Large windows allow plenty of natural light to pour into the room, and the natural wood ceiling adds an authentic feel. Here are some tips on using blue as the centerpiece of your living room.

Use blue in your decorating scheme without overdoing it. Try introducing the blue color by layering it with a grey-blue sofa or a piece of bead boarding. In the same way, you can add pops of royal blue to the room with accessories and artwork. The room will still look cohesive if you keep white furniture and accessories to balance the blue. However, remember to use the right color combination to ensure that your room is inviting.

Using deeper shades of blue will create a cosy cocoon effect. Greys or blush pinks work well with this color, and a woodturning stove adds to the atmosphere. Pale wood furniture and tongue-and-groove panelling enhance the feel. A strong teal hue adds heritage and freshness to a room, while adding a sense of warmth to a room. If you’re thinking about using royal blue as a living room paint, make sure to consider its nuances before making a final decision.


Adding neutrals to a dark blue living room can make it seem less dramatic and more livable. Deep navy goes well with grey, cream, and brown. To break up the wall with a print, you can opt for a lighter version of the royal shade. Likewise, navy blue can be used to accent white furniture. This colour also makes any space look spacious. However, if you’re worried about a dreary blue living room, you can always add a touch of red or orange for contrast.

Another great way to use royal blue is to add accents in gold or silver. These colors complement each other perfectly. Likewise, royal blue can be combined with light blues and creams to create a serene atmosphere. Make sure all your accents work well together to create a cohesive look. If you’re unsure of whether the royal blue color will work with your existing decor, start with accents in the color you choose.

To add a splash of color without overwhelming the rest of the room, use the color on one wall. A bright blue ceiling can add some character and personality to your living room. If you’re not sure whether a deep blue couch would suit your living room, add a few accents of the same hue on a side wall. This will help the overall look come together. And because the hue is so versatile, you can choose a deep blue couch and other accents that match it.

Gray is another wonderful color for a living room. It complements many other colors and styles while also providing a neutral background for your design ideas. This neutral color palette is extremely relaxing and can create a calm environment. This can also make your living room more welcoming and relaxing. So, whether you’re decorating a contemporary or a bohemian living room, blue can make a beautiful impact. You can go bold with it or keep it subtle and elegant.

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