Choosing Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes

If your house is orange brick, selecting the ideal front door color can be tricky. It should complement your home’s existing exterior colors as well as create a good first impression for guests.

Bright yellow doors are an eye-catching choice that will surely draw people’s attention and encourage them to take a closer look at your home’s curb appeal. White trim can complement the shade and create a unified appearance.


Are you looking to add some flair and visual interest to your brick home? A fresh coat of paint on the front door is a great way to do so. While some people hesitate to select another color for their door, there are plenty of options that will add beauty and curb appeal.

Periwinkle is one of Pantone’s newest colors and it’s perfect for adding some pizzazz to your front door. It’s a pretty, feminine shade that won’t look juvenile when combined with other neutrals in your design scheme.

Periwinkle is an ideal color to pair with other vibrant shades like yellow, red or orange. Periwinkle’s versatility also means it blends in well with virtually any house style.

You can even incorporate this stunning hue into your landscaping, by planting plants with purple hues that are easily found at the store. Alternatively, get creative and paint your porch or deck a color that complements the periwinkle on your door.

When selecting a color for your front door, the key is to pick one that complements your brick and doesn’t clash with other shades in your design scheme. Pairing it with white trim will help your front door stand out even more.

Your orange brick home can look stunning in a bolder shade of blue. This modern choice complements your brick, shutters, and other exterior elements perfectly.

For a classic exterior, paint your door black. Not only does it go with any color scheme, but it can actually increase the value of your home!

Are you uncertain which color to use for your door? Check out the table below to compare popular, cost-effective, and aesthetic choices. White is a popular option as it’s relatively affordable; other colors available include black, gray, and blue.


When selecting a front door color to go with your orange brick home, there are a few factors you should take into account. First, pick something based on the hues found in your bricks. Secondly, go with a neutral tone which can easily be painted.

For instance, if your bricks are orange, opt for a warm white as the front door color. This will bring out the tones in your brick and create an inviting atmosphere.

Another popular front door color is sage green. This hue pairs perfectly with orange brick to create a zen atmosphere and make your home feel inviting.

Red is another color that pairs perfectly with orange brick. It’s a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Yellow is an uplifting shade that will give your home an immediate boost in curb appeal. Additionally, yellow’s cheerful nature makes it a great choice for interior design projects.

For an inviting orange brick door color, choose a medium to dark shade of yellow. This hue gives your house a warm and natural vibe if you live in an area with lots of greenery.

Gray is another option for orange brick homes. It’s a common hue found on many types of houses and provides an understated contrast to your brick.

If you’re searching for a less daring but equally elegant color, dark grey is your perfect option. Not only does it work with any brick type, but its blue undertones will provide subtle yet effective contrast against your orange brick.

Wood is a reliable option for front doors, especially if you plan on selling your house in the future. Whether painted or stained, this durable material will last for years.


One of the classic colors to pair with orange brick homes is brown. This versatile and timeless hue can be used on nearly everything – including windows, sidings, and trim – without clashing with the warmth of the brick.

Dark brown door and trim can look classic and sophisticated, especially when paired with white doors and hardware like in this house from @thevillagehost. It also looks fantastic when complemented by a lush green lawn outside like this example from Hannah’s Colourful World.

Another option for an orange brick home is a vibrant yellow front door, which will add warmth and coziness. Its cheerful character complements the warm orange brick facade to create a Mediterranean-style exterior.

For a more traditional aesthetic, Benjamin Moore’s rich maroon paint in ‘Dinner Party’ works great. It draws attention to your orange brick exterior while looking sophisticated with minimal accessories.

You could also opt for a light blue or wythe blue front door to soften the orange-red brick house’s rough texture. These neutral colors look sleek and polished when paired with golden or white door trim.

Orange brick houses often feature a sage green front door, which pairs beautifully with red brick. As this picture from @hannahscolourfulworld shows, pairing this colour scheme will give your house a tranquil vibe.

This subtle color will help muffle the intensity of your orange-brown brick, giving off an organic and countryside vibe. It pairs perfectly with traditional French country houses or can be combined with red brick for a chic yet rustic aesthetic.


A front door is an excellent way to make an impact on those passing by your home. Not only does it elicit emotions and tell a tale, but color plays an integral role in this process as well. Therefore, selecting the appropriate colors for your orange brick home should be part of any successful design strategy.

Red is an ageless classic color that pairs beautifully with orange brick. Its warmth and welcoming hue will make your home feel cozy and welcoming to those who visit. When selecting a shade of red for this purpose, opt for one in a deep, bold tone.

Another popular color choice for front doors is reddish-brown. This natural hue will highlight the brick and add depth to the siding’s brownish orange accents.

For homes with more rustic orange brick siding, a darker shade would complement the house better; however, lighter hues create an overall harmonious aesthetic on the outside. Alternatively, bright and vivid red can draw attention to your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re searching for an alternative to reddish-brown, navy blue is an ideal choice for your door. This hue is surprisingly versatile and works well with almost any tone of brick.

As for trim colors, this one is a bit of an unexpected twist but definitely adds to the charm of the home. Dark brown is usually classic for this architectural style, but the sage green trim gives this red-orange brick home an air of modernity and freshness.

Gray can also work well when combined with orange brick. As a neutral color, it pairs well with most hues of brick while its blue undertones offer an eye-catching contrast. Finally, taupe provides a more subtle option for creating a natural aesthetic.


Every homeowner desires a front door that stands out from the rest and draws attention to their home. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from: warm, cool, neutral or classic colors can all be utilized to achieve exactly the look you desire.

White is an ideal choice for a front door, as it can give off either a clean and modern aesthetic or something warm and rustic. For even more modern flair, add glazing to complete the look!

Brown is an ideal color scheme for a front door, as it blends in with most other hues. It may also enhance orange bricks to create a stunning monochromatic aesthetic.

If you don’t want to go with a solid color, accent colors can be used instead. Burgundy, forest green, gold and silver are all excellent choices for adding some vibrancy to your home.

Purple is an eye-catching front door color that will surely leave a lasting impression on your neighbors. Not only does it go perfectly with any type of landscaping, but it also looks fantastic on classic brick houses.

Red is another option for a front door that can add visual interest and warmth to an orange brick house. It can be bold and dramatic for contemporary homes, or toned down and cohesive in Craftsman-style residences.

To determine if red front door will look good with orange brick, paint a small strip on each side and observe it under various lighting. This way, you’ll get an accurate assessment.

If you’re uncertain of a color, paint color charts are always available to help. These tools can be invaluable when selecting shades for all aspects of your house – even the front door!

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