5304511738 Refrigerator frigidaire PS12364857 AP6278388

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5304511738 Led Refrigerator Light Bulb 3.5w (1 Pack), 5304511738 Led Light For Frigidaire Refrigerator Ps12364857, Ap6278388. Led Refrigerator Light Wide Voltage Design Suitable For 85v To 265v

One top recommended product, 5304511738 Refrigerator frigidaire PS12364857 AP6278388, is made by Pomeade. It is saved in the category Appliances > Refrigerators.

5304511738 Refrigerator frigidaire PS12364857 AP6278388

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5304511738 Refrigerator frigidaire PS12364857 AP6278388 Features

  • Wide voltage design: 5304511738 led refrigerator light bulb adopts wide voltage design, suitable for 85v to 265v, power: 3. 5W.
  • Scope of application: led refrigerator light bulb can replace the following part numbers 5304511738, ps12364857, ap6278388, can be installed in cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, compatible for kenmore refrigerator, mainly used to solve the problems of dimmed, flickering, not bright lights.
  • Compatible models: the 5304511738 led light bulb compatible ffss2615td0, ffss2615td1, ffss2615td2, ffss2615td3, lfss2612tp2, ffss2325ts0, lfss2612tp1, lfss2612tp0, lfss2612tp3, lfss2312te1, crse233tw0, lfss2312te2, crse263ts0, ffss2615tp0, ffss2615tp1, ffss2615tp2
  • Replaces following part numbers ffss2615tp3, lfss2312te0, crse233tb0, ffss2625te2, ffss2625te3, ffss2625te0, ffss2625te1, crse263td0, lfss2312td0, ffss2615ts0, lfss2312td1, lfss2612td1, ffss2615ts1, lfss2312td2, lfss2612td0, ffss2615ts2, ffss2315ts1, ffss2615ts3, ffss2315ts0, ffss2315ts3, ffss2315ts2, ffhx2325tp0

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5304511738 Refrigerator frigidaire PS12364857 AP6278388

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