Standard Paint Can Sizes

No matter if you need a small touch-up or an extensive project, understanding standard paint can sizes is essential. Not only will this limit the amount of paint purchased but it can also save waste and cost in the process.

Paint cans come in various volumes, from quarts to five gallons. Understanding the dimensions and coverage of each size helps you choose the one most suitable for your requirements.


The one-quart standard paint can size is ideal for touchups, closets and trim work. Additionally, it’s suitable for smaller projects like painting furniture pieces or cabinets.

The quart can of paint contains 0.95 liters and covers 100 square feet of wall space, making it the ideal solution for most DIY home improvement projects. You may require more than one quart for larger accent walls or ceilings, however.

Another option is to purchase a half-gallon can. This paint container has the same dimensions as the quart, but is half its height and volume.

This size paint brush is a popular option for painting smaller rooms, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Its smaller dimensions make it convenient to work in small places without needing to use an expansive brush.

If you need a quart of paint, head to your local hardware store’s paint aisle. They offer an array of colors so that you can find one that complements your current decor.

A quart can of paint is usually enough to cover two accent walls, a ceiling and closet. It’s also frequently used for larger furniture items like several five-piece dining sets.

The amount of paint necessary depends on the area covered and surface texture. Rougher surfaces will require more coatings than smooth ones, while some colors require multiple coats in order to achieve an opaque finish.


The half-gallon standard paint can size is one of the most widely available sizes. It’s perfect for small projects like touch ups or trim work, plus testing colors before painting an entire room or section of your home.

On average, one half gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet of surface area. This amount is sufficient for rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more; however if the room has a high degree of texture you may require more paint.

It is essential to determine how much paint you need for your project, in order to buy the appropriate amount without overspending on extras. To do this, compare the coverage levels of different cans.

On average, one gallon of paint covers 400 square feet of surface area – enough for most bedrooms and bathrooms. A gallon can also be used to cover other parts of a home like laundry rooms, pantries or home offices.

Half-gallon paint cans are typically available at most hardware or home improvement stores and measure approximately 7.5″ high and 6.5″ across. With such a wide selection of colors available, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your decor.

If you’re uncertain which size paint to purchase, use a standard can chart to compare the dimensions and volumes of cans at your local store. This will help determine the most suitable option for your project.

A quart of paint weighs 2.5 pounds and contains 32 ounces of liquid. Since one liter of water weighs one kilogram, that means that one quart of paint contains 2.5 times 32 equals 368 teaspoons.


For homeowners wanting to experiment with colors, the one-pint standard paint can size is an ideal choice. At 0.47 liters in volume, these containers hold enough paint for about 50 square feet of wall space.

They’re great for touch-up work and small trim projects. If you need more paint for a larger task, consider investing in a quart.

A quart can be used for painting furniture and other decorative items. These paint cans hold up to 100 ounces of paint and come in many different colors from home improvement stores.

Calculating how much paint you need for a painting project can be tricky without knowing the right size. But with some knowledge, selecting the appropriate amount of paint will be much simpler than you think!

Paint cans come in three common sizes: pints, quarts and half gallons – all easily transportable and available at home building supply stores. Their various colors make them the ideal choice for any project because you can mix-and-match them to achieve the right shade match every time.

For larger interior projects, five-gallon buckets are often used. Measuring 14 1/2 inches high and 12 inches across, they hold 640 fluid ounces of paint – enough to cover 2,000 square feet with just one coat!

In addition to the standard paint can size, there are also smaller ones for various projects. Half pints are the smallest and ideal for testing colors or doing touch-up jobs.

Professional interior designers often use quarter-pint containers on home renovation shows. It’s perfect for painting closets, crown molding and other details. Furthermore, it can cover an area of 12 sq ft of wall space quickly and efficiently with only a quarter pint bottle!


Home improvement stores usually carry standard paint can sizes, such as one pint, quart and five-gallon buckets. These are often used for large projects but there are also smaller cans available which might be ideal for touch up jobs or sampling colors.

The quarter-pint standard paint can size contains eight fluid ounces of paint and covers 25 square feet in one coat – ideal for small trim jobs or finishing touches before installing crown molding.

Unfortunately, a quarter pint isn’t sufficient enough to cover an entire wall in a room with an 8-foot ceiling. You could use it for painting a strip up to 3 feet wide, but that won’t give you enough room to correct mistakes if any occur.

A half-pint standard paint can size is ideal for small projects like wall alcoves or niches, as well as furniture pieces like dressers or tables.

Small rooms with high ceilings may benefit from this product, as you can cover up to 50 square feet of area. Unfortunately, it’s too small for full-scale painting projects such as baseboards and crown molding in a room or large closets.

Standard paint can sizes are not the only ones available, but they’re the most common and often largest in size. Knowing what these sizes mean and how much coverage each offers will help guarantee you get enough paint for your next painting project.


The half-pint paint can is the smallest standard paint can size and holds up to eight fluid ounces, making it perfect for smaller projects or touch-ups.

One half pint can cover 25 square feet of wall space, making it the perfect amount for a smaller project like creating an alcove or niche in your wall.

This size paintbrush works well for painting crown molding and baseboards as well as one moderate-sized furniture item. While it won’t cover the entire room in one coat of paint, it can help keep your painting expenses down.

Another advantage to using a small paint can for small projects is its limited storage space. You can keep it under the kitchen sink so you can quickly grab a few fluid ounces when needed.

The half-pint paint bottle contains 0.28 liters, enough to cover an area of 25 square feet in one coat. It’s perfect for minor trim work or touch-ups around the home and will fit neatly under your sink.

Paint cans of this size are the tiniest yet the most widely used. Most home improvement stores carry them for convenient shopping.

A half-pint can be ideal for larger projects since it won’t take up too much room. This size works great when painting walls or ceilings up to six feet wide if your eight-inch ceiling is eight feet high.

Standard paint can size is an invaluable guide when starting a painting project. Knowing how much paint you’ll need in advance will save you multiple trips to the store.

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