Raised Ranch Entryway Renovation

In this raised ranch entryway renovation, a contractor gave the traditional design a modern makeover. A bold mural adds a pop of color and a new set of stairs bring the home’s exterior closer to Midtown Manhattan. Modern steps can make even the most traditional home feel more like a soaring skyscraper. Read on for the full transformation. And be sure to check out our gallery to see more photos of the finished product!

Split-level ranch

A raised ranch entryway is one of the most popular types of home entrance. These homes have two or more levels that are connected with a stairway. Raised ranches are a popular layout for townhouse builders, as they feature the same front door but a raised ranch entryway. The top floor is located on the bottom floor, with a full staircase leading up to the main living area.

The raised-ranch design has two separate levels, with the entrance hall opening directly across the full flight of stairs to the upper floor. This split-level ranch entryway is a great way to create a spacious entryway and to add privacy to the home. In addition, the split-level ranch entryway will allow you to incorporate a kitchen into the top floor of the home, while still retaining the open-concept design of the lower levels.

Another type of raised-ranch entryway is a traditional staircase. This style is popular for its minimalist look, which draws attention to the architecture of the home. The design features rosy-orange wood, white painted walls, and black metal accents. The entryway is wide and bright, and the minimalist decor accentuates the architectural features of the home. Floating shelves, like the ones featured in this plan, provide ample storage space while hiding the clutter.

Modernist design

Most owners of raised ranch homes use the entryway as a mud room to keep the rest of the home clean and clutter-free. However, this isn’t the only purpose of this space. This modernist entryway features a large doormat, heavy floral accents, and cubby holes for shoes, coats, and other accessories. Here are a few ideas to add a modernist flair to your entryway.

A raised ranch is a home with multiple floors and a front door that opens to a stairway that leads to both the upstairs and the main living level. Because the main living area is located upstairs, the front door typically opens to a staircase that leads to the second level. A raised ranch entryway will often have a modernist design and require a complete renovation. Adding a minimalist accent piece, such as a modernist mirror, is a great way to make your entrance more interesting and functional.

The color scheme should be consistent with adjacent rooms and complement the style of the home. It should be a reflection of your personality. Modernist designs are often characterized by clean lines and modern, geometric patterns. Colors can be neutral or bold, geometric, or a combination of both. Modernist designs often include flat roofs, geometric details, and loads of windows. They seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s a simple or elaborate entryway, a Modernist entryway will make your house stand out and be a focal point.

Casual West Coast living

One common complaint about an average-sized raised ranch home is the lack of a master suite. This is due to the fact that raised ranch homes typically feature several walls and little floor space. In contrast, the example below shows a bi-level house with a spacious master suite upstairs and three bedrooms downstairs. With a few simple changes, the master suite can now have the same feel as an elegant, luxurious bedroom upstairs.

The raised ranch entryway has been designed with an open and airy feel that welcomes guests and provides an easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The streamlined interior design features neutral colors and transitional coastal accents. In addition, the house has a peaked entry roof and a grass-lined cement driveway. The monochromatic exterior paint and lantern lighting invite guests to stay awhile. The lighting is an “Arch Top Lantern” from Circa Lighting.

Large windows

A ranch house is characterized by large windows, which provide ample natural lighting and help save energy. However, raised ranch houses also had artificial lighting sources, but only in imitation. They are primarily used for the interior. The exteriors of ranch houses are often thin, with metal frames. Here are some tips for decorating your entryway. First, consider the scale of the room. Depending on the size of the space, choose smaller or bigger windows to achieve the desired look.

Next, choose appropriate lighting for the room. Since raised ranch homes were originally designed with the biggest windows, they can provide abundant natural light to all corners of the house. While traditional double-hung windows are the most common choice for this style, you can also choose radius top or bay windows. A good way to match the window frame color with the exterior trim is to choose one that contrasts the trim. White is a great choice for this.

The interior of the home is equally important. Raised ranch homes typically have one level. When planning your interior, keep in mind the layout of the rooms and how you will communicate with your visitors. If the entire home has large windows, they should be the focus of the entryway. This way, you will have a welcoming atmosphere and a bright, airy space. This style of home was the most popular in the 1970s, and even today, there are many different types to choose from.

Open floor plan

The open floor plan of a raised ranch home creates an entryway that is both functional and visually appealing. Since ranch homes are typically located in rural areas, they can also benefit from the addition of a mudroom. Designers have used a beautiful doormat, decorative pillows, and cubby holes to accommodate coats, hats, and other accessories. To make the space more functional, the entryway has been divided into two main areas: the entry and mudroom.

Adding a stairway can help create an open space and make the entrance feel more spacious. Mirrors can also help open up a small area, making the entryway appear more spacious. In addition, some raised ranch homeowners paint the stairway wall the same color as the main living room wall, which provides visual guidance to visitors. In this way, guests will feel more welcome as they enter. Lastly, homeowners should consider making the entryway as attractive as possible.

The raised ranch home is an economical option for homebuyers. Raised ranch homes often feature separate living areas in the basement, which can be utilized as a den, office, or playroom. The garage is typically located beneath the bedrooms. Because of this layout, raising the entryway can be tricky to decorate, and raising the stairway’s height can lower the resale value of the home.


A shallow terrace extends the indoor living area outside the home and adds a contemporary touch. The contemporary lines and color palette are balanced by wood materials. Stone walls and tile accents add a touch of texture and contrast to the modern fa├žade. Custom lighting enlivens the porch and adds a unique touch to the entry. A newly redesigned front door with a solid-fir frame lets in light without sacrificing privacy. The front porch’s original windows have been replaced with energy-efficient windows and doors, while the two front windows are retained for a handsome divided-light design. A new glass wainscot and frames protect against drafts while bright red patio chairs add a splash of color to the porch.

If you’ve been dreaming of a raised ranch entryway, you’re not alone. There are several ideas for decorating the front porch. While many homeowners opt for a modest mudroom, others opt for a grand staircase and add potted plants to the railing. Either way, you can customize the front porch to fit your design and style needs. A well-decorated porch will welcome visitors and set the right mood for a great first impression.

Raised ranch homes often lack a hall closet and must be equipped with stairs for easy access. These homes often lack an accessible closet in the front hall, but an extended front entryway can accommodate a closet behind the door and create visual interest in the front of the home. And for the same reason, the extended porch can create a second story for a larger home with a master suite. So, whether you’re looking to build a raised ranch or a new one, the possibilities are endless.

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