Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual

Are you seeking a countertop ice manufacturer? If so, then you have actually pertained to the ideal area! In this post, we’ll be discussing every little thing you need to know in order to purchase the very best possible counter top ice maker for your home or office.

Here we’ll go over some detailed info on Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual as well as some basic information on Kegerators.

Later on we’ll discuss what factors you ought to look for when selecting a counter top ice manufacturer. Afterwards, we’ll provide you a couple of ideas on how to obtain one of the most out of your new device. Finally, we’ll finish up with a few frequently asked questions regarding counter top ice manufacturers.

Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual

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Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual

Kegtron Pro – Smart Keg Monitor, Dual Tap. Bring intelligence to your tapskegtron pro is a professional-grade keg monitoring system that provides complete visibility to your draft inventory and usage. Our advanced iot cloud-based system takes the guesswork out of managing kegs to increase your business efficiencies and profits. How it worksour hardware installs inline between your kegs and taps to keep a constant watch over every ounce that flows out of your taps. Mount on your walk-in cooler wall or inside your kegerator. Each and every serving is precisely measured, time stamped and sent to the cloud.From your pc, phone or tablet, all of your keg stats are just a click away. See live inventory levels, detailed usage reports, graphs and more. All of your data from all your sites is visible from any browser.Improve your operationslive inventory – see all your kegs from all your venuesplan ahead – always know know exactly what s on handrun the numbers – flexible report generation and .Csv data exportincrease profits – detect losses from spillage, overpours and theftstay notified – get email or text alerts on keg levels or after-hours activitykeep it fresh – track cooler temperature, line cleaning and days on tapkey advantagesmodular – chain together multiple keg monitors for any size installationflexible – john guest fittings accommodate almost any line type and sizeaccurate – precision, high-accuracy swiss-made flow metersextensible – cloud-based infrastructure, api access and ota firmware upgradableeasy to use – intuitive web-based interfaceeasy to install – quick setup you can do yourself with a single power sourceeasy to clean – no extra steps needed, clean at the same time as your linesaffordable – no extra wiring hubs, gateways or pro installation needed

Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual is categorized in Appliances > Kegerators and is tagged Refrigerators, Ice Makers, and Freezers.

Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual Features

  • Complete keg visibility precision measurement and reporting of keg levels and serving history
  • Save time instant, live inventory of all your kegs, no more lifting and guessing
  • Increase your profits detect losses from to spillage, overpours and theft
  • Lifetime cloud subscription included see your data from any pc, phone or rest api

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Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual

Why Purchase A Countertop Icemaker?

Just like with any other bar appliance, there are a few vital reasons to invest in a counter top icemaker.

First and foremost, having one of these devices implies never ever having to take care of ice cubes melting or dirtying up your sink once more.

And also, it’s a massive convenience– imagine never ever having to await ice to form in your trays again!

As well as, obviously, icemakers are great for enjoyable, as they can aid you keep everyone’s drinks chilly all night long.

Trust fund us, as soon as you have a countertop icemaker, you’ll wonder just how you ever before lived without one!

Features to Try To Find in countertop Icemakers

When buying a countertop icemaker, there are a couple of functions you’ll want to bear in mind.

Initially, think about the dimension of the system– you’ll wish to see to it it will certainly fit comfortably on your counter top.

Next, think of just how much ice you’ll require to create– some icemakers can make up to 50 extra pounds of ice each day, while others might only make 20 pounds.

Furthermore, take notice of the kind of ice the icemaker generates– some devices only make cubes, while others also have the capability to make smashed ice.

Ultimately, have a look at the system’s capacity– just how much ice can it store at one time? Normally speaking, the bigger the capacity.

Repairing Counter Top Icemakers

While counter top icemakers are fairly low-maintenance appliances, there are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot them if they quit working correctly.

First, examine to see to it the device is plugged in as well as getting power.

Next, take a look at the water line to see if it’s been separated or is leaking.

If neither of those remedies address the trouble, get in touch with the manual that included your icemaker– it might have specific guidelines on exactly how to deal with usual concerns.

FAQ About Counter Top Icemakers

Q: Just how much ice can a countertop icemaker make in a day?

A: The majority of counter top icemakers can make in between 20 and also 50 extra pounds of ice per day.

Q: What sort of ice does a countertop icemaker make?

A: Most units make cubes, however some also have the capability to make crushed ice.

Q: How huge is a counter top icemaker?

A: The dimension of a system will certainly vary, however a lot of are portable enough to fit comfortably on a countertop.

Q: Do I require to clear the water storage tank after each use?

A: No, many devices have an automatic shut-off attribute that will certainly quit the circulation of water once the reservoir is full.

Counter Top Icemakers: Final Thoughts

Buying a counter top icemaker is a great way to conserve time and trouble in the kitchen area. And also, it’s a wonderful addition for enjoyable visitors.

Simply be sure to keep the dimension of your unit, the sort of ice it generates, as well as its ability in mind when making your acquisition.

And if you encounter any kind of trouble, consult the manual or troubleshoot usual problems by yourself.

Kegtron Pro Smart Monitor Dual

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