Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler

Are you seeking a Kegerators? If so, after that you’ve come to the perfect place! In this write-up, we’ll be talking about everything you require to recognize in order to purchase the most effective feasible Kegerators for your office or home.

Here we’ll go over some detailed info about Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler as well as some general information on Kegerators.

Later on we’ll review what factors you should try to find when choosing a Kegerators. After that, we’ll provide you a couple of suggestions on how to obtain the most out of your new home appliance. Ultimately, we’ll complete with a couple of frequently asked questions concerning Kegerators.

Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler

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Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler

Kegco K199B-2P Kegerator Two Keg Beer Cooler – Premium Double Faucet D System Kit – Black Door. The kegco k199b-2p premium kit double faucet kegerator is a full size keg beer dispenser featuring the additional value of a premium direct draw kit for d system domestic kegs! The premium direct draw kit includes 100 percent stainless steel contact so your beer will only touch sanitary stainless steel components from the keg to your glass! The probe on the keg couplers, the tower shanks, the faucets and all the fittings are stainless steel, as well as the draft tower itself, so the exterior will not rust. In addition, you will also receive a two product double gauge regulator upgrade, a heavy duty faucet wrench and a deluxe hand pump pressurized cleaning kit with this setup. Generally, these upgrades would cost over 308, so you are getting over a 233 value by purchasing the premium kit kegerator! The kegco k199b-2p kegerator also includes a 5lb aluminum co2 tank, two sankey keg couplers, a steel interior floor mat for long lasting durability and easy glide of beer keg, gas hoses, beer tubing, washers, clamps, a textured serving counter top and an attractive metal safety rail to help keep your beer mugs and glasses from sliding off. The sankey keg couplers will work with most domestic beer kegs. The 5lb aluminum co2 tank is shipped empty and does not come filled. Once full, the 5 lb. Tank is good for approximately 13-14 five gallon kegs, the most common keg used by microbreweries in north america. This beer cooler houses your kegs in an all-black cabinet with an elegantly designed, field reversible black door. 2-1/2 Inch casters are provided for mobility, allowing your kegerator to be easily moved from the kitchen to the patio. This beer keg cooler features 2 removable wire shelves which allow it to convert into an all-refrigerator/beverage center. This draft beer dispenser is created for in home use and is both quiet and energy efficient, making the storing of your kegs in your home a more pleasant experience.

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Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler Features

  • Includes premium keg tapping kit: with this kegco premium kegerator, you get everything you need to begin dispensing delicious draft beer straight from a keg. The two tap dispense system includes a brand new 5 lb. Aluminum co2 tank, a two product kegco 542 2 pro series double gauge co2 regulator, two 5 foot lengths of 5/16 i.D. Draft beer line assembly with snap clamps, two kegco kt85d l d system lever handle keg couplers that can tap all domestic taps, and a 3 diameter draft tower.
  • 100 Stainless steel contact: the premium direct draw kit that is included with this unit features 100 stainless steel contact, ensuring that your beer will only touch sanitary stainless steel components from the keg to your glass! The probe on the keg couplers, the tower shanks, the faucets, and all of the fittings are stainless steel. This premium kit also comes with a deluxe hand pump pressurized cleaning kit that makes it easy to keep your dispense system squeaky clean between kegs.
  • Large interior: this keg cooler s spacious interior can accommodate one full size, straight pony, or quarter slim keg, and up to two sixth slim, strap handle, or rubber handle home brew kegs it cannot hold bevel or rubber kegs, commonly used by miller and coors . Two removable wire shelves are included that allow you to easily convert this keg refrigerator into an all refrigerator or beverage center for additional cold storage when you re not dispensing kegs.
  • Powerful and energy efficient cooling technology: designed to be ideal for in home keg storage, this beer cooler features an ultra quiet performance and a 25 more energy efficient design that delivers superior cooling while saving you money each month on your electricity bill. You can adjust the internal temperature between 34 and 45 degrees fahrenheit using the temperature control dial conveniently located inside of the cabinet to store your kegs at their perfect temperature.

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Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler

Why Get A Counter Top Icemaker?

Similar to with any other bar device, there are a couple of key reasons to buy a countertop icemaker.

Firstly, having one of these devices means never having to deal with ice thawing or soiling up your sink again.

And also, it’s a substantial convenience– envision never ever having to wait for ice to develop in your trays once more!

As well as, certainly, icemakers are terrific for entertaining, as they can assist you maintain everybody’s beverages cold all night long.

Trust us, when you have a countertop icemaker, you’ll question how you ever before lived without one!

Features to Look for in countertop Icemakers

When buying a countertop icemaker, there are a couple of features you’ll want to bear in mind.

Initially, think about the size of the device– you’ll wish to make certain it will fit conveniently on your counter top.

Next off, consider how much ice you’ll need to produce– some icemakers can make up to 50 extra pounds of ice per day, while others might just make 20 extra pounds.

In addition, take note of the kind of ice the icemaker produces– some units only make dices, while others likewise have the capability to make crushed ice.

Ultimately, have a look at the unit’s capability– just how much ice can it store at one time? Generally speaking, the bigger the capability.

Troubleshooting Counter Top Icemakers

While counter top icemakers are fairly low-maintenance devices, there are a few things you can do to fix them if they quit working effectively.

Initially, examine to ensure the system is plugged in and also receiving power.

Next, take a look at the water line to see if it’s been disconnected or is dripping.

If neither of those options solve the issue, consult the handbook that came with your icemaker– it may have certain directions on just how to fix usual problems.

FAQ Regarding Countertop Icemakers

Q: Just how much ice can a counter top icemaker make in a day?

A: The majority of countertop icemakers can make between 20 and 50 pounds of ice each day.

Q: What kind of ice does a countertop icemaker make?

A: The majority of devices make dices, yet some likewise have the capability to make smashed ice.

Q: How large is a countertop icemaker?

A: The dimension of a device will differ, yet many are compact sufficient to fit conveniently on a counter top.

Q: Do I require to clear the water tank after each use?

A: No, most systems have an automatic shut-off attribute that will certainly stop the flow of water once the storage tank is full.

Countertop Icemakers: Conclusion

Buying a counter top icemaker is a fantastic method to save time as well as hassle in the cooking area. Plus, it’s a fantastic enhancement for entertaining guests.

Simply make certain to keep the dimension of your device, the kind of ice it generates, and its ability in mind when making your acquisition.

As well as if you run into any problem, get in touch with the manual or repair common issues by yourself.

Kegco K199B 2P Kegerator Beer Cooler

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