How to Find the Best Mickey Mouse Watch Value

While you might not be looking to buy a Mickey Mouse watch, you can still find a lot of them for sale. These watches are not high-end pieces of jewelry, and they are usually a lot cheaper than most high-end timepieces. In the 1960s, Rolex began producing their own Mickey Mouse watch collections, partnering with Disney to create various models. The watches were typically 35-36 mm in size, and would certainly suit a man.


There are several types of Disney Seiko Mickey Mouse watches available in the market. Vintage Disney watches with Seiko’s logo on the dial are the most valuable ones. They usually cost between $300 and $2,000, depending on the model and year of production. The movement of a Seiko Mickey Mouse watch is superior to a quartz one, so vintage Disney watches are worth more money. Listed below are a few tips to find the best value.

The first wristwatch was sold for $3 and later fell to $2.95. Later, prices fell further, and the pocket watch was available for less than one penny. By the 1950s, Ingersoll had produced billions of Mickey Mouse watches, many of which are still in working condition. Although Mickey Mouse watches are not particularly valuable, they are an interesting collectible, and could increase in value as time goes on. But, the main problem with collecting vintage watches is that prices fluctuate constantly, and this will ultimately lower the value.

The price range of vintage Seiko Disney watches will depend on their design and features. A mechanical Seiko Mickey Mouse watch may be worth $4000, while a vintage Timex watch with Mickey Mouse dials could cost $20000 or more. Many vintage Timex watches with Mickey Mouse features include mechanical movements, and you can find them with dials of other characters. Some of these watches include a musical feature, too. Activating the musical feature requires extra buttons on the case side. To determine whether a Seiko Disney watch is a classic, you’ll need to check if the watch is still in working condition. The second hand must move as the song plays and return to its original position.


The Ingersoll Watch Company is one of the oldest American watch manufacturers, founded in 1882 by Charles and Robert H. Ingersoll. The company pioneered watchmaking in the United States. Ingersoll’s Mickey Mouse watch was the first comic-character wristwatch. In 1933, the company partnered with Walt Disney and issued a license for the company to produce the first Mickey Mouse watch. The wristwatch was sold for $3 and featured a picture of Mickey Mouse in the center with gloved hands.

One of the most sought after antique Mickey Mouse Watches is the ‘Bearded’ model. This version, produced for the British/European market, depicts Mickey running, with a pink beard and orange boots. The watch is also marked with the Ingersoll name on the left shoulder, and is packaged in a hinged black plastic box. As a result, this vintage Mickey Mouse watch is incredibly desirable.

Timex has produced many Mickey Mouse watches over the years. Timex usually produces modern versions under the Timex and Ingersoll brand names. You can find Mickey Mouse watches with the US Time brand or other famous Disney characters. Some of these vintage watches have mechanical movements and are worth a few thousand dollars. Ingersoll was also responsible for producing Universal watches, but the Waterbury Clock Company produced many more. The Waterbury Clock Company produced over three million watches a year for Ingersoll, and they have been considered collectibles by many collectors.


Invicta’s classic design is reflected in this Mickey Mouse watch. The white dial with black numbers and Mickey character stands out against the stainless steel case. The watch also includes a carrying case with the Disney logo. The Invicta Mickey Mouse watch value varies widely. Depending on the size and brand, the price can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Purchasing a limited edition Mickey Mouse watch is a great way to get a unique Disney-inspired watch with limited edition features.

Disney has partnered with various watch manufacturers to produce a variety of timepieces, and the most expensive Mickey Mouse watches were created by Gerald Genta, a Swiss designer. Genta has designed several iconic models for other luxury watch makers. The Invicta Mickey Mouse watch value varies greatly, and it may be worth up to two hundred thousand dollars! If you’re looking to buy a limited edition, you should shop around and see what you can find.

Ingersoll’s iconic Mickey Mouse watch is a timeless classic. The premium quality of this timepiece means that it will continue to keep accurate time for decades. The timeless design is a surefire way to keep time, and many of these watches are classic and retro. A few other brands have also released newer models with Mickey, so you can find a watch that’s right for you! It’s an ideal gift for children and adults alike!


The Timex Mickey Mouse watch is a popular collectible item, but its monetary value has fluctuated. In the early years, they sold for less than $3, but now they are valued at over $2,000. In 2005, one was sold for $6,500, and in 2014, a Timex Mickey Mouse watch was sold for $2,250. Values of these Disney-themed timepieces are dependent on several factors, such as the condition of the watch, its age, and its rarity.

The first time the Timex Mickey Mouse watch was introduced, in 1933, it featured a fully illustrated Mickey. The Mickey Watch was made in two different sizes, one a one-inch version that looked like a revamped ’50s watch with the Ingersoll brand name on Mickey’s left shoulder. The second model was a larger, black leather and vinyl broad strap, known as the ‘Mod’. Its appearance was a fashion statement for many, and came in a hinged black plastic box.

Some people collect these vintage Timex Mickey Mouse watches for the design alone. This doesn’t mean you should ignore functionality. Some vintage Timex Mickey Mouse watches may be in terrible condition, but they still retain their flair and style. They’re a great collectible item for collectors or someone looking to get rid of their old Timex Mickey Mouse timepiece. So, how can you find a Timex Mickey Mouse watch value?

Invicta watches

For your young mouse lover, Invicta watches for Mickey are an excellent choice. This collection of watches features stainless steel cases and straps. A greyscale Mickey Mouse adorns the center of the black dial, which is framed by a blue and gold band. The watches are water resistant to 100 meters. This collection also features a stainless steel men’s pocket watch that is suitable for children. It is available in a variety of designs, including a Mickey Mouse-themed timepiece.

If you prefer a gold-tone watch, the Invicta Men’s Disney Limited Edition Stainless Steel Watch is for you. It has a 200-metre water-resistance and an exhibition case back. The watch is suitable for water activities, including diving. The watches are designed to last for many years. Invicta watches for Mickey Mouse are the perfect choice for any watch lover. Just make sure that you purchase the right size for you and your child.

For those who enjoy being outdoors, the Invicta Disney Limited Edition watch is a great choice. It features a Quartz movement and is housed in a steel case. The dial is silver metal. The case is protected by a Mineral Crystal. The gold black silicone band completes the look. The watch has a water-resistance of 500 meters. Therefore, it’s great for the water.

Timex watches

A timepiece featuring Mickey Mouse is a classic item that has been produced by Timex for decades. This iconic character first appeared in 1933. Despite the fact that these watches are not attractive to the average watch wearer, they are incredibly popular among collectors. They are also historically significant as well. While a watch featuring Mickey Mouse was originally $3, the price today can range significantly. In recent years, prices have skyrocketed, so this constant price fluctuation will eventually lower its value.

The first timex watches for Mickey Mouse featured a black leather strap and a white dial. These designs became popular in the ’60s as an alternative to the Hippie Movement. Timex marketed them as the ‘Mod’ Mickey Watch and became a classic of its own. During the 1960s, the Timex brand was incorporated into US Time, but continued to use the Ingersoll trademark.

The first Mickey Mouse wristwatch was released in 1933. The company partnered with Japanese brand BEAMS to create a commemorative wristwatch. The design of this unique wristwatch mimics the 1930s animation style, also known as ‘pie-cut-eye’. It features Mickey’s arms as the watch hands. A special Mickey Mouse watch is also available with a ‘Minnie’ face. Despite being an iconic item, Timex watches for Mickey Mouse are important pieces of history.

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