How to Create a Printed Armchair

Printed armchairs are a simple and attractive design. Some of the designers who have produced these chairs include Roberto Cavalli, Jozef Chierowski and Paolo Canciani. Read on to discover how to create this unique style for your home. And remember, the process does not have to be difficult! Even beginners can design this unique armchair. Just follow the tips given below. You’ll be on your way to creating your new favorite chair in no time.

3D-printed armchairs

A new range of 3D printed armchairs has hit the market. Inspired by sea life, this chair’s multi-layered construction resembles a delicate marine organism. The end result is an object that looks light but is surprisingly sturdy and durable. The designer behind the new range has also lowered the price of the armchair so that you can afford to buy it. Read on to discover some of the latest products to hit the market.

The mawj 3D-printed chair was designed by MEAN*, a network of middle east architects and designers. Its name is a play on Arabic words for wave, crisp, and ripple, evoking the Arabian Sea. The chair’s geometric form, inspired by the eames lounge chair, is the result of iterative design iterations. To create the form, a series of sine curves move through space, wrapping around the form. The negative values of the curves result in a woven pattern.

While the new technology may not replace traditional manufacturing techniques, it will certainly change many segments of the furniture industry. While it won’t completely replace upholstery and traditional manufacturing, 3D printing will definitely revolutionize the way we use furniture. Unless you’re looking for a piece that looks old-fashioned, you won’t likely gravitate towards this style. However, if you’re interested in contemporary style and trendy designs, 3D-printed furniture may be right for you.


Changing the fabric of your home’s armchair can update its look and feel. These 2 piece slipcovers feature two-way stretch fabric to fit the armchair tightly. The elastic band on the bottom holds the cover in place. They are machine washable and low-temperature dry-friendly, which makes them perfect for homes with pets. In addition, they are easy to clean and keep looking new. Here are some examples of armchairs in different fabrics and their patterns.


Prices of fabrics for printed armchairs vary depending on their size and time period, but can top $16,542. These chairs convey a sense of power and prestige, and their history dates back to ancient times. While Egyptians and early Greeks would use stools, their thrones were grander versions of armchairs today. While some designs may be too colorful or too bold, others can set the mood in any room.


The Mawj, a 3D printed armchair, is an innovative design from the Middle East architecture network (MEAN*). It explores robotic 3D-printing, and is produced by nagami. Printed with an advanced plastic polymer, mawj is 6mm thick and takes on a continuous form. It costs around $400 and can be found in several different colour schemes. The price of a printed armchair varies depending on the style, design, and material used to create it.

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