Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes

The right color can add to your orange brick house’s inherent appeal and help it stand out against competitors. However, choosing an unflattering shade could detract from its beauty, turning it into a dull home.

To avoid this issue, opt for a neutral palette that complements your brick exterior. This way, the colors will blend in seamlessly with everything else on your property and create an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic.


Red front doors are the ideal way to showcase an orange brick house, whether you want it to appear modern or classic. This vibrant shade makes a statement on your property and looks fantastic in both natural and artificial lighting sources.

You can use this color to accent your brick facade and create a Mediterranean-style theme for the exterior of your home. It’s especially popular for houses with green or purple gardens, helping it stand out from other houses in the neighborhood.

Alternatively, you can opt for a lighter shade of red which will soften the intensity of your brick and create an airier and subtle appearance. This option works well if you don’t want to go overboard with colors on your front door; there’s sure to be a shade that suits everyone’s preferences.

If you’re searching for a warmer alternative to red, consider using colors like periwinkle or peach. These two sweet hues will add an air of charm and refinement to your brick home.

Another popular color option for front doors is white, which offers a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. This makes it the ideal choice for those who don’t want to venture into too daring hues on their house and also provides protection in colder climates.

Dark grey is an attractive neutral option to complement an orange brick house. This hue isn’t too bright nor dark, with a slight blue undertone adding subtle contrast to the walls. While this neutral may not be eye-catching in itself, pairing it with other colors or styles creates an eye-catching and versatile effect.


Selecting the ideal front door color is one of the best ways to bring out the beauty of your brick home’s exterior. Not only will it make it stand out in the neighborhood, but it will also leave a great first impression on neighbors. Whether you prefer something bold or neutral, there are plenty of options available for selection.

If you want to bring out the warmth of your brick, try painting it a bright shade of yellow. It will bring out all of the orange tones in your house’s brickwork and make it feel cozy and inviting. Team it with white trim and flowers for an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic.

If you’d like to soften the impact of your orange bricks, add some greenery to your front yard. Alternatively, paint your door and trim a darker shade for contrast against all that orange.

Another popular option is gray. This neutral hue pairs well with orange and is considered a secure choice when it comes to home sellability.

For a bolder statement, opt for black front doors as an effective way to draw attention to your orange brick home’s exterior. This color is beloved among architects and designers due to its dramatic nature and timeless beauty.

For a modern aesthetic, try painting your brick wall a dark grey. It offers an interesting contrast and works beautifully with yellow tones. This option is great for those who prefer more of a minimalistic aesthetic or are worried that bolder colors might make their home harder to sell in the future.

When selecting the ideal front door for your orange brick house, it’s important to consider analogous colors that complement the rest of the structure. Analogous hues refer to shades with similar base shades as other hues on your house.


Blue is a popular color for front doors, especially when combined with orange brick homes. Not only will it brighten up your house on sunny days, but it adds an exciting flair to the entrance as well.

When selecting a blue door for your house’s entryway, opt for one that has a cooler hue than the orange on your walls. This will balance out the intensity of the color while allowing you to incorporate other hues within your interior design that complement it.

Another popular choice is sage green, which lends a natural aesthetic to your exterior. It may create an ambiance of serenity for your home if you have a garden in front of it.

Lime green is a modern choice that will give your home an inviting and vibrant appearance. This versatile color can be used in various ways throughout your house’s decor.

Finally, periwinkle is a trendy and beautiful choice for your front door color. This hue was chosen as Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year and looks lovely when paired with blue.

For a classic aesthetic, black is an ideal choice. Not only will it make your house stand out in the neighborhood, but it can also increase its value if you ever decide to sell it.

Selecting the ideal color for your orange brick house can be daunting, but with some effort you’ll achieve a stunning exterior. Here are some tips to get you started: Consider your home’s overall tone; roof and trim colors; as well as door and shutter shades you want to use.


If your house is orange brick, choosing the appropriate front door color can add to its curb appeal. Which colors you pick depends on personal taste and what look you wish to create; however, there are many options available.

For a bolder statement, paint your front door in an eye-catching shade such as red or yellow. These vibrant hues will make the orange brick of your house stand out on the street.

If you’re after a more subdued look, paint your door in an ivory shade to blend in with the rest of your orange brick home without overpowering it.

Another excellent option is sage green. This color will compliment your orange brick facade and help create a zen vibe in your home. It’s popular among homeowners looking to create an inviting entryway.

When selecting trim colors for your home, a dark grey works beautifully with orange brick. Not only will this evoke the classic Tudor aesthetic of your house, but it also gives it a modern flair.

Your home will take on a more refined aesthetic with this darker tone, which can also blend in with many other colors. You could use this shade for other exterior elements like shutters and window frames for added visual interest.

Accent colors should always be used sparingly and in appropriate amounts. The three-color rule is your best bet for avoiding an uncoordinated design, especially when selecting hues for windows, shutters, and doors.


Orange brick is a timeless choice for the exterior of a home. With its rich history, it’s highly sought-after by homeowners around the world. However, selecting the right color to go with it can be tricky.

For a warm and inviting look, white front doors are the ideal choice. They will bring out the orange in your bricks, making your house appear brighter and more welcoming.

Light yellow is another great color choice for an orange brick home. It will give your house a cheery, spring-like atmosphere and provide guests with a warm welcome.

Blue doors can complement your orange brick home perfectly. This hue creates a striking contrast and will help your house stand out from its neighbors.

Grey is another color that pairs perfectly with orange brick. It creates a subtle contrast and looks great against most shades of brick.

Red is a timeless hue that complements most homes, and its orange brick counterpart. Not only will your house stand out in the crowd, but it’ll also cause people to smile as they pass by!

Your house will look lovely with brown trim on your door and shutters. This will make your house stand out in the street and surely bring out smiles from everyone who passes by.

Wood is another popular option for an orange brick home. Not only will it add a natural warmth to your house that blends in with most colors, but you can use it both inside and outside too! Plus, wood will tone-match the gray, green or brown of your bricks perfectly.

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