Coastal Wall Sconces

Choosing the perfect light fixture for your home is important if you’re going for a nautical look. This style of light fixture will reflect your personality and will be functional as well. It’s perfect for adding a touch of beach to any room. There are several different types to choose from, but there are many that can work well in any decor scheme. Let’s look at a few examples. They’ll add a sand-colored touch to any room!

Nautical wall sconces

Adding a touch of the sea to your home is easy with nautical wall sconces. This unique style of lighting adds a beautiful touch to any room, whether it’s the kitchen, entryway, or formal dining room. With its vibrant sea glass and natural elements, these nautical wall sconces cast beautiful shadow designs, making them a popular choice for many homes. These wall lights can be used alone or as part of a larger collection to enhance your interior design.

You can find nautical wall sconces made from brass, metal, or glass. There are many different styles of these pieces, and you can even find modern ones. You’ll find sconces that are both contemporary and antique, and they’re made to order. Depending on what type of nautical wall sconce you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars.

The perfect choice for any room in your home? You can get nautical wall sconces from the Dock lights. Dock lights offers thousands of unique and high quality nautical wall sconces. No matter which type you choose, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the lighting fixtures they offer. A nautical-themed home will look beautiful and inviting, whether in a seaside cottage or a cosmopolitan mansion.

A nautical wall sconce is a great way to bring the maritime look to any room in your home. With glass and metal, these nautical wall sconces can help you daydream about life at sea. These nautical wall lights will also add a sophisticated look to your home decor and channel the stately look of a lighthouse. A nautical sconce will complement any coastal decor, whether it’s beach or harbor.

A transitional boys’ room with nautical wall sconces is a perfect way to bring the sea to life in a space. Here, the nautical theme is complemented by built-in bunk beds with ladders and navy and white chevron curtains. A nautical wall sconce hangs above a navy chair with caster legs, a blue rug, and a nautical-themed wall clock.

Wall sconces are an excellent secondary source of lighting in a bathroom. Place one above a mirror to give a softer light that is more accented than needed by a lamp. A nautical wall sconce can also be used as a bedside light. In addition to lighting, these nautical wall sconces can serve as decorative elements and art installations. You can also find a variety of wooden-veneered wall sconces at LZF.

Coastal outdoor wall sconces

Coastal outdoor wall sconces are an excellent way to add a seaside feel to your porch, patio, or deck. These versatile lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Choose from contemporary and modern wall sconces, and coordinate your outdoor wall light collection with the rest of your home’s coastal decor. There are many benefits to installing these lights, and you can also coordinate them with other coastal collections.

Coastal outdoor wall sconces should be weather-proof and designed to withstand salt air. Brass and copper fixtures will resist rust, and living finishes are better for coastal homes. Lacquered finishes will chip and rust, while un-lacquered fixtures will naturally patina. Coastal-inspired wall sconces are the perfect way to highlight your decor and reflect your personal style. If you have coastal landscaping or a home with a seashore feel, consider a rustic design for your outdoor wall lighting.

Beach style wall sconces

If you’re thinking of decorating your house with a nautical theme, beach style wall sconces can add a touch of brine and beach to any room. This type of lighting provides the perfect amount of light to enhance your living room walls and showcase a new piece of art, family photos, or even artwork. Beach style wall sconces are also ideal for the kitchen, replacing harsh overhead lighting with a subtle maritime accent.

For a coastal look, consider installing nautical-inspired wall sconces. These fixtures are made from brass, the same type of metal used on ships. Coastal-style wall sconces also feature iron candle holders and an old-world charm. They are a perfect accent to beach decor and can be purchased online. Beach style wall sconces are ideal for beach-themed homes and can be purchased online.

The Party Girl sconce is a great example of this. The crystal column and mosaic light shade make it look like you’re having a party without even turning on the lights. The oval glass shade reflects the coastal colors and bounces light around like a disco ball. A Beach style wall sconce can be ADA-compliant and aesthetically pleasing. You can purchase any style of beach wall sconce you want and install it yourself, or call a lighting installation service to help you with the installation.

In addition to being decorative, wall sconces also serve a practical purpose: they provide task lighting. A pair of these lights should line the hallway or frame a doorway. They can also be placed in a bedroom for task lighting. You can also place swing-arm sconces near a bed for reading. When choosing the right sconces, keep in mind that the height of each wall sconce should be between six and seven feet from the finished floor.

While beach wall sconces can be placed at either the side of a mirror, they are ideal for secondary lighting in bathrooms and can serve as a decorative piece in an entryway. Aside from serving as a functional light, beach wall sconces are also excellent options for bedside lighting. These lighting fixtures can serve as both decorative accents and art installations. So, if you are looking to add a beach-themed wall sconce to your hallway, you will be glad you did.

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