Air Conditioner Parts You Might Need

Air conditioners, more than any other appliance we use, need regular attention and upkeep. Most of us don’t understand how well your air conditioner cools the air, because when it works the most on the hottest days of the season. However, what would you say when told that knowing the four main parts of an air conditioner can actually help you prevent and catch air-conditioning problems before they occur? Here are the 4 key parts:

Air Conditioner Parts – The evaporator coil (or condenser) is what makes the AC work by condensing water vapors and turning them into cold air. The coil also absorbs heat from the environment around it, which it then sends to the refrigerant. The compressor is where all the work happens, converting the refrigerant back into a gas, which is then compressed and sent out into the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Without this process, your air conditioner would not work at its full capacity.

The Particular Parts That Make It Work – Well, there are just four parts, but they are very important. The first part is the compressor, which is located inside the condenser and simply supplies refrigerant into the evaporator coil. The next part is the condenser’s body, which sits atop the compressor. And lastly, the evaporator (or evaporator coil) is the center of the system, housing the compressor and condenser.

Why Are All These Parts Important? Well, refrigeration is important, so if your air conditioner doesn’t cool the air properly, then you will get little or no cold air at all. The compressor and condenser, however, are using to provide refrigerant to the evaporator coil. Without it, your air conditioner won’t work properly. You’ll also find that refrigerants make engines run smoother and longer, because they improve the coolant’s efficiency.

What Does Your Expansion Valve Do? – The expansion valve (or more commonly known as the relief valve) is what controls the amount of refrigerant that flows through your air conditioner. The reason why you need this is because it is responsible for creating a vacuum inside of the condenser, which forces the refrigerant to flow from the expansion valve to the evaporator. In order to increase the amount of refrigerant that flows to the evaporator, the expansion valve must open slightly. This can be checked by looking at the relief tube on the side of your air conditioner.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Spitting Refrigerant Out? – Your AC compressor is probably leaking refrigerant. This happens most often when the air conditioner is left sitting in one room for a long period of time. If this is the case, the compressor is probably leaking refrigerant, which will prevent the compressor from cooling down your refrigerant line.

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